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The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart - A curated online international permanent art collection as Web Cyberculture

Dr. Rodney Chang ('Pygoya' in his curatorial role as ringmaster) has assembled
a dauntingly intelligent array of current best practice in this field.  Exploring the
recesses of his chosen artistic niche is as rewarding as it is informative.
- Gerald O'Connell, art critic, New York Arts Magazine, NY, NY, 1998

Trahimur omnes studio laudis.
We are all attracted by the desire for praise.

Thank you so very much for accepting my work into your museum. It is the
most unique and fascinating gallery on the Web. I am very honored to be a
part of it.
- Debbi Germann, 1997

The show looks FANTASTIC!! The vrml is too COOL for words! You really worked your magic!
I am SO fortunate I can't believe it!! And I have just discovered another perk to online exhibiting
- I'll be able to keep a copy to view and enjoy in the future! (That's better than "real" life!)
Thank you for the honor and this incredible experience. -
Denise Ruzich, 1998


Thank you for visiting The Rave Museum of Cyberart!

Rave Webmuseum's 2-D Catalog of the Permanent Collection

List of world artists inducted  into the virtual museum collection

The Rave Webmuseum-The Permanent Collection Exhibition CyberHall (vrml)


Since 1996 the virtual museum has been reviewing art on the Internet. Artists and organizations displaying art of distinction and are important contributors to cyberculture, or online experience that enriches one's cultural life, are contacted and invited to enter work into the collection.  We like to think of it as some sort of first generation Internet "Hall of Fame" for emerging digital and cyber directed art, at the turn of the century. The Rave Webmuseum serves as a repository of Cyberart ; it is a permanent online museum collection.  However there are short term feature exhibitions in the Rave's Spotlight Gallery for masters and Webmuseum Art College Gallery for art students and their faculty. Scheduled invitational exhibitions are also held at The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart in its CyberHall and VIP Suite gallery.

Detailing documentation about the art and the artists is available. However intent is to make the visiting of  The Rave Webmuseum purely visual, with support of sound and a sense of cyber-architectural space. The supportive text for the body of art is kept minimal as to not distract from the displayed great works of art.  Keep in mind these works were generated for and from Web cyberspace.  That makes it historically a new art form ("cyberart") and also you a participant in a revolutionary way of experiencing a visit to the art museum.  Unlike art exhibited at many other Internet sites,  digital art here are"originals" since they were created with computers. Most of the work included also were created for the primary purpose of launch into world cyberculture.  Many works are now gone from the original web site from which it was first discovered by our curatorial scouting Cyberstaff. However now these online survivors maintain their omnipotent virtual existence, readily accessible by any visitor around the globe, in a strange new form of artistic posterity. (May 24, 1997)

To accommodate the abundant source of digital art displayed throughout the Internet, the Rave Webmuseum proudly establishes two showcase VRML galleries as adjunct exhibitions to the permanent collection space. Both galleries have scheduled feature shows but are not permanent exhibits. They are the Spotlight Gallery and the Webmuseum Art College Gallery -

Rave Webmuseum's SPOTLIGHT GALLERY - displays digital works of artists that are masters in their medium and make significant cultural contributions to the Internet at other art sites through digital art.


See Exhibition Schedule



WEBMUSEUM ART COLLEGE GALLERY - exhibits digital art by college art students of work with Internet theme or content; show statement by a faculty member must accompany the exhibit; art departments may apply for exhibit consideration at-

Historical Note - Spotlight Gallery and Webmuseum Art College Gallery launched online January 19, 1998 as VRML exhibit spaces.


We appreciate any good art sites you  can steer us to for consideration of inclusion in the virtual exhibitions. Write to the Review Committee.

Daisuke Matunobu with work inducted into the Rave, humorously sent us this
photo of himself with Rave's Inducted Award ; he cleverly cut & paste it unto the
photo; see the actual virtual award icon on the Japanese Web site homepage

Attention Art School faculty- please contact us for possible collaboration between Rave Webmuseum and your digital art program; VRML space includes room for student work and another for faculty show statement and, if desired, space for faculty work.


My art is purely digital. It is created with computer programs purchased or that I write.The images I create are not based on reality. They do not model a physical reality, nor at times are they abstractions or impressions of something physical. My programs are mathematical in nature. The mathematics of chaos play an important role in the generation of these images. However, the mathematics is merely a tool to generate the art. These images do not depict a mathematical concept. I use mathematics to create and manipulate the shapes and colors. I create and discard many images, tuning the results until I arrive at something that resonates with my emotional state. Hopefully the viewer experiences similar emotions. WHO AM I?

ANSWER: the computer artist

All works' copyrights are retained by the individual artists. Special permission has been granted by each of the artists to exhibit their works of art in this online museum's permanent collection. Please visit Terry Carrolls FAQ, read section 2.3, copyrights.

ENTER  virtual reality now and enjoy!  Don't forget you need  the special VRML browser PLAYER  to enter 3D virtual reality. Download the freeware browser here for PC (1.34MB) or here for Mac (1.15MB), then follow instructions to install Virtus Player on your computer.




The Rave Webmuseum-The Permanent Collection Exhibition CyberHall

The Rave Webmuseum-Spotlight Gallery
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Archived Past Exhibitions of Webmuseum Cybercolony


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For the OFFICIAL LIST of recipients of these awards or to authenticate awards posted on Web sites, please refer to The Webmuseum Colony's Awards Archival Documentation


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