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Some Search Engines, Art Resources & Other Miscellaneous Sites


Artists from around the world

Set up your own Web World TV Channel

Cello - a search engine for art

SAonline - a new cyberzine for online literary and visual art culture; Yolanda editor@sexyamerica.net

Published.com - Published.com is designed to help promote the work of self-published writers, musicians, illustrators, zine publishers, photographers, filmmakers, those who are self-publishing their words or images exclusively on-line, or anyone else who uses the Internet to promote their own independent, creative work. Also, if your web site helps others to self-publish in any way (support, promotion, links, etc.) you may list in the "Web Resources" Directory as well. All listings are free, keyword searchable, include detailed descriptions, and have links directly to your web site and/or e-mail address.

All-in-One Search Page -more than 35 search engines and directories

Art Editors & Publications and Email Contact - great to use for press releases by artists

Alta Vista - the search engine of Compaq

Art Speaks - art marketing service

FineartForum -Online Art Resources: Exhibitions: Computer Based Art

Image Sources and Resources

HSC Visual Arts - a wealth of art related resources by Australian art teacher, Gail Suttor; includes links to information on world art history, art curriculum planning, theory of art, teaching art and important art galleries and institutions of Australia

Search Engines Worldwide - truly global listing of search engines by nations; submit your site to specific national search engines!

Search Engine for your site - free search engine for your site through Netcreations

Ariadne -British site using Internet as modern library science, meta-database of electronic librarie

Artcom Museum Tour - can use custom search tool to locate one of 1,600 listed museums

B-Eye -what bees see

Bingo Zone - play online bingo free all day for cash prizes; chat with other dedicated bingo virtual residents

Almanac -Farmer's almanac online

Onmag.com - issue has huge selection of poems , articles , stories & photography stored in it from national & international contributors. We are also announcing our future sections in this issue , creative designers & music makers are welcome at our website for the new Computer Art & Music section.

Slanguage- you can choose a city and talk like the locals

Puzzlemaker - all kinds of puzzles

Word Play - links to all types of sites that deal with word games, such as acronyms, homonyms, anagrams, cliches, word oddities, and many others.

The Free Forum - free items

Women.com - popular site exclusively for women's interests and needs

ivillage.com - thought by many to be the leading women's content site

Freaky Freddies free samples, contests, magazines and gifts

coupondirectory.com - coupons!

supermarkets.com - now use "Web Bucks" by shopping at local grocery stores affiliated with site and get credit for discounted future purchases at stores

www.wwwoman.com - largest (1998) search directory of topics for women online

Next to Nothing Freebies - free items

The Free Site - free items

Clearinghouse -focus on index sites that lead to other sites

Cyber411 combines 15 search engines

David Byrne Web Site -musician, writer, multi-media installations

Disco Rama - '70s pop culture

Evolution - History of the Internet - good links to history of Internet, Penn State


Facade -readings of your future

Findspot - ALL search engines listed


WHOW  - a creative   and new type of search engine whereby browser select among tours arrange by subject matter and see glimpses of the site instead of reading listed descriptions like conventional directories

Goto.com - good search engine; try "pygoya" as keyword and discover lastplace.com's many international links

Pinpoint - a free search engine for your site by Netcreations.com

Higher Hits - instant free check on the list position of your url at top search engines

History of the Internet- Net Culture & Paradigm Shifts; lists Webmuseums of Cyberart; Internet Valley, Inc. is a Sacremento-based consulting and publishing company with unique theories on the Silicon Valley and what the future holds...They want Silicon Valley to become the Internet Valley

Hobbe's Internet Timeline- history of the Internet since 1957

Hot 100


iGuide -index of prereviewed Web sites

Artistic Representations of Cyberspace -Cyberspace atlas history; The conceptions and representations of Cyberspace created by artists in literature, art, computer games, films and television have a powerful influence on how we perceive these new spaces.

IntelliQuest - market information of the Internet

Some Internet History-by the UCD Internet Society in Belfield, Ireland

Internet Public Library

iWorld -Mecklermedia the Internet Media Co.

Kulcha -Howard University-based zine

Life Magazine online

Liquitex -what's in the paints





My Virtual Reference Desk -many links with few clicks

Search Central -fast access to Yahoo!,Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, Infoseek and many more

Search Insider - tips on searching the Internet

Search.com - over 250 search engines by C/Net, very comprehensive search tool


StatLib - statistic of the Internet

Superbad - "Superbad" web designs

Talking Heads - by David Byrne

The Caffeine Page

The Categorical Catapult

The Cosmix Mother Load

The Filthiest Search Engine - try keying in nasty words

The Horrible Splatter Page - gorey textures

The Japan Times Online -listing of museum, festivals and galleries throughout Japan

The Karen Blixen Museum - Kenya, Africa

The Smithsonian Institute

The Village Voice Worldwide

Tokyo Journal

Tombstone Tourist -celebrity grave site info and photos

"Top 5%"- Point Communications

Tribal Artifacts - online artifacts for sale from Southeast Asia and other Pacific regions

U.S. News and World Report - entire issue online



Whatis.com -Internet related terms, jargon

Whole Pop Catalogue - American pop cultural history

Windows '95 and Mac Joke Wallpaper

WWW Virtual Library - collection of indexes and library

The Copyright Web Site

Deconstucting Web Graphics, by Lynda Weinman (New Riders)

GIF Animation Studio by Richard Koman

GIF Builder - freeware (Macintosh)

GIF Construciton Set - Alchemy Mindworks (Windows)

Microsoft GIF Animator -freeware (Windows)

PhotoImpact GIF Animator -Ulead Systems (Windows)

VideoCraft GIF Animator - Andover Advanced Technologies, Inc. (Windows)

Universal Translator Deluxe - claims cross-multilanguage translations, 33 languages

zero1ARTsearch- "Come see the creative sites you've been missing", unique art-only search engine


Computer History Museums

Apple II Page

Atari 8-Bit FAQ

Charles Babbage Institute

Commodore 8-bit Web Server

Computer Collection

Computer History Web Sites

Computer Museum

Historical Computer Society

History of the Internet and WWW: View From Internet Valley


Hobbes's Internet Timeline

Joke of the Day

Worlds Apart on the Vision Thing -American Dream compared to new European Dream, Jeremy Rifkin, Canada, August 2002

Museums on the Net


January 20, 1997/Volume 01, Issue 46 ISSN 1089-3652

Copyright William G. LeFurgy, 1996; all rights reserved

Excerpts and sample copies may be distributed for non-commercial use so long as they are attributed and provide the CinC e-mail address (wlefurgy@radix.net).



The film 2001: A Space Odyssey depicted the most famous fictional computer ever: HAL. As HAL told it, " I became operational at the HAL Plant in Urbana, Illinois, on January 12, 1997." Well, this date has come and gone and there is no sign of any computer remotely like HAL.

The New York Times News Service recently ran a nice overview, complete with pithy quotes from experts, on this subject. "Everything humans can do can eventually be duplicated. But not yet,'' declared Marvin Minsky, dean of Artificial Intelligence researchers and consultant on 2001. "We're not really any closer to creating a computer with common sense than we were in the mid-'60s.''

What computers are getting ever better at doing is performing spectacular feats within very narrow parameters. Machines can now nearly beat the best chess players in the world and can compose music eerily reminiscent of the great masters. There are even computers that are credible replacements for lawyers (now there's progress).

Despite all this, artificial intelligence awaits a dramatic breakthrough in deciphering the mechanics of thought. On the surface, the problem looks simple: a 7-year old kid know about 20 to 30 million things -- roughly the same amount of data that could fit on a CD-ROM. But the trick is not merely compiling data. The key is relating different pieces to understand distinct concepts that range across the broad spectrum of human experience.

AI scientist Ken Ford likens current research to that of pre-Wright brothers human flight. "They were looking at whether beaks or feathers were needed for flight,'' he said. "There were entire books about the 'flapping problem.' Now we're just beginning to look at the aerodynamics of thinking."


A fascinating aspect of modern culture is the deep belief of many that the latest technology is needed to solve all kinds of problems. From improved schools to better business competition to expanded democracy, computers and other forms of information technology are judged to be the key.

Reuters presents the latest evidence for this faith: an array of high-tech companies like Intel, Sun, and Microsoft saw their most recent quarterly earnings shoot up by 25 percent or more. "The electronics industry is putting an increasing amount of input into day-to-day things and that will continue indefinitely," said John Matheison, a California think-tank pundit. Business are rushing to build and expand computer infrastructures, fearing extinction if they don't. "It is almost a do or die situation in many industries," said Matheison.

This brings to mind the California gold rush of the mid-nineteenth century. Few miners hit paydirt, but the shopowners who sold mining equipment and supplies made fortunes.

Noteworthy on the Web


When holding forth on art exhibits, CinC usually only cares about those that include some sort of web component. The idea is that, for the reviewer as well as the reader, the exhibit should be experienced via cyberspace. In a departure from this, CinC draws your attention to "Techno-Seduction," an exhibit at The Cooper Union School of Art in New York City. Oddly enough, the exhibit, which "investigate[s] identity, sexuality, and seduction through new media and technology," is not on the web. But its themes do go to the core of how technology affects current art and culture.

The show came about, according to Metropolis magazine (which does include a few exhibit images), when two art educators posed the question: "In electronically mediated art, who is the provocateur, who is the seduced?" After a flood of digital interpretations, Cooper Union decided to mount an exhibit that runs through February 15, 1997.

"Techno-Seduction" consists of 40 artists using CD-ROMs, the web, video, and digital photography, as well as more traditional materials such as wood and aluminum. The show presents an "enticing juxtaposition of technology and mortality." MaryAnn Nilsson, for example, presents computer images of her body that reveal neither face nor gender but that "question what makes an individual male or female, and how those labels foster vulnerability." Jenny Marketou uses a touch-screen computer "that invites viewers to navigate images of her body, the interaction simultaneously projected onto the surrounding space as a means of disputing tactile and sensory touch."

You may ask yourself, is this merely high-tech exhibitionism or is there a higher purpose? Robert Rindler, dean of the CU art school, claims the latter. "Through technology you can achieve something quite traditional," he says, while also pushing the viewer further into the art experience. So, while artistic questioning of identity and sexuality are nothing new, technology gives the artist the opportunity to explore the shifting human perceptions wrought by media manipulation.

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Tracie's Communication Resources On the Web

A comprehensive list of communication, anthropology, and cyberculture resources on the Web.

Cyber-Anthropology Resources

The Center for Anthropology Communications
Seeker1's CyberAnthropology Page.
Towards an Anthropology of Internet Communities: Bibliography
The Internet and Global Usenet Computer Networks
Ethnographic study of Usenet culture by Tim North.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Anthropology
Zeno's forensic page

Communication Resources

Case Studies, Papers, Courses

A University of Toronto Ph. D thesis on participation in mailing lists
CMC Bibliography
Colonizing Virtual Reality-Chesher
Chesher, Chris, Cultronix-V.1, i.1. Sept. '94
Communications 125 at Penn
Critical Approaches to Cultural Studies
Cyberdemocracy: Internet and the Public Sphere
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JCMC Cite Site
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Qualitative Data Analysis Resources
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American Communication Association WWW
Educom Home Page
The Southern States Communication Association


Howard Rheingold

Howard Rheingold's Home Page at the Well
Tools for Thought by Howard Rheingold: Table of Contents
The Virtual Community by Howard Rheingold: Table of Contents
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The WELL Gopher: Cyberculture


Welcome to alt.culture
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The "Being Digital" Cyberdock
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CTHEORY-postmodern resources
Cyberscope-Newsweek Home Page
Culture in Cyberspace -
Welcome to Critical Mass
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The Hacker Crackdown - Contents
Internet Magazines
The Journal of Electronic Publishing
Mediamatic Home Page
Online Periodicals
The Network Observer
RhetNet: A CyberJournal
Tables of Contents for all issues of Postmodern Culture
t@p online
The Utne Lens Online
Cultural Theory
Chandler's List of Media Links
Cyber: Technology and Culture
Welcome To HotWired!
Virtual Communities
Yahoo - Society and Culture:Cyberculture

MUDs, MOOs, MUCKs, etc.

FurryMUCK Pages
The MUD Resource Collection
Welcome to Virtual World
Welcome to Worlds Chat

Usenet News

Computer and Communications related Usenet news groups
DejaNews Research Service - homepage
DEC's Alta Vista Site.
Green Eggs Report

FTP Archives

Kill Monk 3.0 and INT 10 Virus Remover
Symantec Anti-Virus Reference Center
Symantec Virus Signature Updates
CSUSM Windows World
Directory of /pub/micro/msdos/win3/desktop
Jumbo! - Shareware! Shareware! Shareware!
Linux Documentation Project
Map Maker - Free GIS for Windows
MPEG Movie Archive
Pretty Good Privacy
software.net home page
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
Washington University Data Archive
Quicktime VR

Some Webzines

The Spot
Stim                                                                                                                                     Omni                                                                                                                                    Tripod                                                                                                                                Retroactive                                                                                                                         CMC                                                                                                                                 Salon                                                                                                                                     Stork Site                                                                                                                         Internet Mall- search engine and categorized list of more than 27,000 shopping sites on the Web in June 1997                                                                                                                 Play Site                                                                                                                             Cool Central                                                                                                                       Inn Games- play checkers or chess with others on the Web                                                    E-zine List - by John Labovitz, Web site devoted to tracking e-zines, nearly 1,700 titles in June 1997

Luckman's Official Interactive World Wide Web Yellow Pages - Web site directory of more than 100,000 sites on the Web
Britannica Online
Adobe.Mag - about Web publishing
Jumbo - "official Web Shareware Site", shareware and freeware, nearly 50,000 programs available for downloading
Foundations Online -directory of charitable grant-makers
The Tropics
The Free Internet Encyclopedia
The Best of Kidopedia -kid's online encyclopedia
Internet Encyclopedia
NASA Images
Surveyor of Cyberspace Population - Mark Lottor
Internet Demographic Survey - John Quarterman
Pepsi.com - my favorite soft drink!

Onelook Dictionaries -meta-dictionary gets many definitins of search word from many sources

Netlingo - Internet- related terms

The Jargon File - online version of The New Hacker's Dictionary

Wired Style

Reuters Technology Summary- Yahoo's high tech headlines

I Hate Commuters

Wired News

LISZT, The Mailing List Directory - find people with your interests

Bartleby Library - Columbia University site

The New York Times

Washington Post

L.A. Times

Wall Street Journal


Literary Hyper-Calendar - about any selected day of the year

American Memory - a new slant to American history
100s of Screen Savers

The History of Costume

GIF Wizard  - from Raspberry Hill Publishing Inc.

Web Mechanic - building Web pages, etc.

Shareware.Com - largest collection of shareware on the Internet, over 200,000 files, 1997


Virtual Memorial Garden- free posting of memorials