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Art - Ingrid Kamerbeek, European Webist and show organizer

What is art?- animation of talking animals by Aardman

VRML browser software for vr galleries at

1st Gallery of GIF Animation - founded by Royale Frazier

123Greetings - tremendous variety of free online greeting card messages for everybody's use

3D Site-3D digital animation

Abstract Film and Color Music

Ambit Designs - Web page designers used by this Website (; includes availability of animation, vrml, sound and other multimedia elements for Web pages

Aquatones -computer changes sea animals into geometric forms

Art City

Artificial Life - set up variables and watch cyberlife come alive!

Art Universe - Larry Lovett animation and computer art

Astound - formerly Golden Disk, graphic package targeted for corporate presentations and demos with multimedia elements

Beatthief- Web designer Wayne Bremser's multimedia tribute to Harlem's jazz greats  <>

CarPoint - cool multimedia site; climb into a Mercedes and check out the interior

Center of Cyberculture

Center of Cyberspace

Color Browser - 16.8 million colors and their hex string equivilents free download, a Visual Basic application; Window users

Computer Graphics - multimedia resources

Conservation - of bandwidth when creating animation for the Internet, by Royale Frazier

CultureShock - Seattle Amiga programming whizzes with innovative plug ins for the Web; affiliate with - disco lives on -the Web; disco art and links

Digital Moments - mutlimedia presentation of computer history

Digital Multimedia Research Lab-promotion of multimedia trends in New York City

Digital Rainbow - Giclee printing - vrml cemetery - virtual cemetery,  memorial pages and obituary database- search and submit

Epicenter - Macromedia's own multimedia gallery

Eric's Hot Icons

"Esh!"-"music and light show to dazzle your eyes and ears right now!"

Eye Candy-links to best multimedia sites

Flags of The World

Fonts Unlimited

Foundaries on the Net - more fonts resources

Forum One - search engine and virtual communities based upon topics

Frames Page - Java applets, how to create animation for Netscape

Fractals and Animation - fractal movies

Free Bullets, Bars, Buttons, Backgrounds and Bingbats

Free Graphics

Free Graphics 2

Free Graphics 3 - buttons, icons

Free Graphics-That's Cool

Gamma One Conversions, Inc. -New York City Giclee printing service; IAFADP member

Garet and Peter's SIRDS Pages - includes "The Mother of all SIRDS links list"; UK stereogram artists

GIF Animation on the WWW- site of Gif animation guru Royale Frazier of Virginia, USA.


Great American Ink - gallery of vintage and rare animation art

Hawaii Artists Network - comprehensive list of links and addresses of Hawaii's art scene

Howsit.Com-great demonstration of use of multimedia resources

HST Animations - NASA movement of celestrial bodies

Hyperstand-"the black hole of multimedia development"-The Net magazine

Infini-D - sample of the animation program can be downoladed here for free, sample images and animation

Inner Body - virtual human anatomy application of multimedia

International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmaking - IAFADP

International Mirror Sites of GIF animation on the WWW

KACWeb- multimedia art, U. Kentucky

Kauai MIDI Files

Kauai Style Midi Creations - - by musician Kalani Nishimura

Kitty Roach's Animation Theaters- includes Webmuseum Theater

LView Pro for Windows 95 - "most popular graphics tool on the Internet

Liquid Reality - Dimension X's Java-based VRML 2.0 3-D viewing capability

Links to Professional Graphic Artists animations- courtesy of  Web animation pioneer Royale Frazier

Loss and Guilt - award winning (The Net Magazine) multimedia site by Robert Weeks

Macromedia-Design & Developers Centers

Sergio Maltagliati - I am an Italian composer.I have been carrying out an experimental program of work in composition where the score is always a picture. At present the scores are only on the digital data, that allow an interactive participation by the listener.

Mar-cadd Multimedia Services

Maui Giclee - printmakers for Pygoya with online gallery of "the best of Hawaii artists"

MediaDome- multimedia, popular culture

Midifarm.Com - great resource for midi music files

MidiWeb - by Raymond Zwarts, midi (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) music files resource

Mixman - make your own music mix

Modified Studio - modify your own music

Monterey Bay Aquarium - multimedia experience of visiting the aquarium

mTropolis - object oriented tool used by game companies by mFactory

Multimediator - Canada Multimedia Guide

OvalProcess -make your own interactive music

Over the Rainbow -just loaded with free backgrounds for Web pages

NetLifeImages - Webists cyberart print editions

Peacock.Com - another site demonstrating good use of multimeida resources

Pixelfreak- lots of graphics and animation

Pygoya Giclee Print Editions - available collectible print editions using multimedia tools of digital imaging, hand painting and the IRIS/Giclee fine arts printing system

Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart - 3D digital fine art, animation, puzzles, stereograms,vrml galleries - dream of creating a virtual reality vrml city; location of vrml digital art museum

R2001 International Art Ring - vrml, animations, java, "web art" experiments, theories of online art and community

Shockwave plug-in - Macromedia's program to use Director, to create Web-animation, navigation tools and games

Shockwave Tech - help mailing list - Vern Hart's SIRDS gallery of single image (random dot) stereograms

Snailmail Cards - new to the Web and well, the physical world :  the hobby of collecting autographed artist postcards from around the world

Super Graphics Pages of Kitty Roach- super cartoon GIF animator

Synaesthesia: Music and Art

The Classical Midi Archives -over 2.5 million hits since February 1995

The Collaboratorium Gallery - Shockwave games, tools and links to resources library

The Internet Background Archive

The Internet Webseum of Holography

The Ohio literacy Resource Center-Button and Bar Page

The Online Planetarium Show - images by the hubble Space Telescope

The Palace - hundreds of virtual communities using avatars

The Pseudo Online Network -NYC online mutlimedia  programs

The Museum of Boom -Quicktime-animated explosions and other humorous events

The Webmuseum Theater our site's animation theater showcasing work with fine arts quality

Time Hawaii Art Capsule - artists' co-experience of Hawaii captured in endless online time via a multimedia show

Turntable - good sampler of CD-quality audio

TypoPositive - shareware innovative fonts

Universal Translator Deluxe - claims cross-multilanguage translations, 33 languages

Visualization of Viruses - computer generated visualization of viruses

Virtual Brewery Adventure


Web Ground for Backgrounds

Welcome to Chris' World- download gifs - a new 3D computer animation  company near the Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York

Xeero - innovative experimentation with multimedia elements, such as ray tracing graphics and original cartoon cyber-character; part of "TRING" network

Blue Mountain - very cool multimedia greetings cards; free email servicing

 Information by SANDY STONE

Assistant Prof in the Radio-TV-Film Department, The University of Texas at Austin; cultural theorist; performance artist; Goddess of Cyberconf; director of the ACTLab ; and spiritual leader of the cadre of mad, brilliant cybercrazies who inhabit it.

More info about:

Short academic bio

The International Conference on Cyberspace


Don Caroll's Midi-Riff-Bulge Page

Steve Allen's "Picks" Page -midi files

Standard MIDI Files on the Net -has "Search the Internet For a Certain MIDI File" resource!(how Larry Lovett found midi file of "Aloha Oe") -  midi computer generated music



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