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In a sense looking for art on the Web is art on the Web, much like the gesture of a painter searching a canvas for a vision - Ben Davis, The Getty Information Institute

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@ art gallery  -  -affiliated with School of Art & Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Active - vast number of 3D virtual reality sites, free plug in

Art Seen SOHO - virtual NYC SoHo with image map of galleries

Artboy 2.1

Arthouse - multimedia center for the arts bridging art and technology

Artistic Representations of Cyberspace -Cyberspace atlas history; The conceptions and representations of Cyberspace created by artists in literature, art, computer games, films and television have a powerful influence on how we perceive these new spaces.

Artnetweb -one of largest art source Web sites; includes snail mail solicitation of artists - $159/yr to link your art Web site to an intro page (1997)

Art Space- Networks New York's Salon; online virtual art

A Topological Slide-interactive Web artists project

Beryl Graham: New Media Links (UK)

HypArt-interactive collaged multi-site/artists collaborative collection

Carlson's Fractal Gallery  -

CAGE Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven - list of museums

Cyberart '99 - NYC digital arts happening by

CyberArt Design  - digital art including featured art sites

Cyber Art Mission -

Cyber Spacecase - Steve Whitt of Finland

"Cyberart" Definition  at The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart

Cyberfaces - kids submit their digital portraits

Cyberspace Gallery -  http//

DASH art show - November 2007

Digital Salon-School of Visual Arts, NY

Disco Cyberdancing - "take a break from the computer and dance"

EastEdge CyberARt & Tech -

Entropy 8 - Auriea Harvey creates imagery specific to the Web

Exile-online virtual art site

Experimental Art: Web Art and Online Experiments

Fizzy - making fun of corporate culture

Foundation for Digital Culture -

Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope - UK, An Artist's Impression

Gallery of Digital and Digitized Art at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - -  searched "cyberart" virtual residences, April 19, 1997, (unvisited) - searched SoHo district for "digital art" virtual residences, April 19, 1997, (unvisited); sampling of digital artists coming online and colonizing in the largest virtual community at present (500,000+ ; April 1997)

IAMfree  -Web artists from around the world

Interactive Indian music!

Internet Art of David Allen Millikan - "kinda scary"-Web Magazine

Jeeps CyberArt Gallery -

Joncam Virtual Gallery

Karmastorm Animation-about GIF animation as Web fine art by one of the bset at it

Laboratorie d' art - Artifices -

Learning About Leonardo -review interactive results of collaboration between students of The Bronx and Borlange, Sweden as they reflect on "Why is Mona Lisa Smiling?". Steve Feld, Computer Graphics instructor, guides this art driven student centered web site.

MCA -Australian experimental cyberart site

Most Wanted Paintings -visitors polled on subject matter then composite painting of online taste rendered and posted

Northwest Cyberartists

Online Optical Illusion 2005 - cool!

Online Pinball Machine art - Kowalke, 2005

Pixel Fix-Internet porjects by 1997 graduates of MFA Computer Art Department of the School of Visual Arts, NY

Santa Fe digital art show, May-June 2006


Sinclair's CyberArt-mixed media sculpture with computer graphics on Web subject matter

Stelarc-experimental online virtual art

Roses as Roses Go-by Lora Dibner, one of first MFA graduates (1997) in Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, NY; experimental Web art

Space VR Gallery

Technology of the 90's - Website co-produced by MOMA in New York, ada'Web and Rhizone Internet; in conjunction with "Technology in the 90's", an annual lecture series orgainized by the Museum, online capacity to add to discussions;

The Art Machine -

The CyberPad -Tyson Su, Columbia University

The Imagemaker - "The online magazine and reference site for photography, graphic design, digital art, web design, video, illustration and image creation"

The Place -art and poetry by Joseph Squier, assistant prof. at University of  Illinois, Urbana, School of Art & Design

The Power of Beauty - fantastic digital erotic nudes as fine art cyberart; German art site

Tom Repasky's (Art) Bookmarks 

Unit Circle Cool Art Links 

Vik Muniz-conceptual Web project including intentionally bad paintings

Virtual Gallery of Digital Art - by Shubhojoy Mitra & other Indian graphic artists- Calcutta, India, 1999

Web Art - links to various Web art dedicated sites

Widest cyber-broadwalk on the Internet - 2006

What is Art, including Web Art - Web Art Short Cuts - leading edge web site design at 2003