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AJL Cyberculture Web Pages

WHAT IS ART?- art defined or YOU tell us!

Search Engine by an artist

The Posi-Web- an exploration of the daily life and thoughts of a global community of participants

The Gallery- a VRML space that brings together a small collection of virtual exhibiton spaces on the Web; by Web artist Annette Loudon

Center for the Study of Cyberculture and Art -from Dept of Art, University of Idaho

Click Culture-Douglas Rushkoff questions our obsession to click instead of perceive in depth

The Clubhouse- by The Net Magazine columnist, Carla Sinclair

Rantings- About .gif animation and web graphics in general-by Web animator Steve Bennett

CrazyWeb - first Russian Web-zine

Crisp -  e-zine on popular culture

Cyberculture Book Review

Cyberculture - Internet Cafes

Culturekiosque - "culture, cuisine and technology"

Cyberpresentations, Cyberculture, Lists

Cyberstudies Resource

Cyborganic - cyber-community

Data Smog - by David Shenk, what information technology is really doing for us; harpercollins

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep , Philip K. Dick

Echo NYC - cyber-community

e.l.m. - I would like to welcome you to a world where the maze is words...and chaos is done... in an undone sense. "By breaking things we understand how they work... "


FLESHFACTOR-informationsmaschine mensch - Ars Electronica Festival, Director's statement  - sample cyberculture related virtual residents

GlamOrama Wedding Chapel - on-line reverends to walk you down the virtual aisle

Global Casino - real online wagering/gambling

Idiot -"click me" button runs away from your mouse

Ink My Skin - now tatoo and body piercing available on the Web

Intelliquest - online population studies

Internet Relay Chat - IRC software to use IRC available

Internet Singles Dating Network & Introduction Service

Introducing Cyberculture

Kyoko Date - computer generated pop singer or  "virtual Idoru"

Lifesavers Candystand - virtual stand for all types of activity to do when on the Web

Max Headroom Squares - now online, the talking computer head

Melty -cyberculture; reasoning behind personal homepages by Webmistress Ann

MetrobeatNYC - NCY city events, "Today's Daily Life Column" by Liz Logan

Most Wanted Paintings - check out the composite artistic taste of the virtual community as polled by these Web artists

Nechvatal, Joseph - contributed paper to ISEA97

Panhandler -panhandlers are common in the city, now here's one online, 1996

Planet Oasis- image of city representing the Web from which you can click and go to vaiours cyberbuildings in the virtual cityscape


Portraits in Cyberspace

RadioNet Talk Radio

Real Graffiti by Artifacto -Java applet allows  graffitilike posting on its Real Graffiti Wall

Salon-postmodern pop culture reviews

Spectacle -interactive Web drama

Students' Web Pages- on Cyberculture

Talk Back! - advocates edge art in Cyberspace

The Internet Personals

The Most Wanted Paintings on the Web- Kowar and Melamid- inforamtive international surveys on popular "ethnic" art tastes; the color blue and naturalistic landscape dominate global taste

The Net magazine online

Thomas, Sue - "The [+] Net [+] of Desire"-submitted paper to ISEA97; The Definitive Guide to Becoming Virtual (Ed Gray & Sue Thomas)

The Virtual Beggar - homeless in Kentucky, 1996

Tim Leary

Town Square 2000-online homepage builder; free homepage by U.S. Robotics

Two Five Three - G. Ryman Internet novel using random viewer's browsing clicks to build story

Ultimate Taxi - ride around at night in a real taxi with video

Virtual Tourist -links to servers all over the world, learn about countries by virtual touring

Webpersonals - free dating service

William Gibson's Yardshow- novelist who coined "cyberspace"

World Wide Web Casinos -real wagering

Yahoo!-Computer and Internet

Yahoo!-Society and Culture

Yahoo!'s Useless Pages Transformations - get mindless in Cyberspace!