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International Art Group invites you to join 2006

Museum of Web Art - creatively designed online museum with animated museum staff characters "on-duty"; wonderful children's section; like Truly  Virtual Web Art Museum, the site is dedicated to promoting art for Web art's sake

Digital Abstract.Com - digital art outside the mainstream

Webart Shortcuts - leading edge web interactive design, commentary by Web artists

Art Gallery - a free invitation to membership in Danish based web site

Color Academy, UK - sculpture and computer programming

India Documentary of Electronic Arts  - Since January 2000, this has taken the form of a six-monthly CD-gazette we call The IDEA (Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts), which is distributed free to about 1,000 identified e-artists and related individuals/organizations around the world.

Digital-Artwork.Net - website for digital art webmastered by Hans-Georg Tuerstig - the new (2002) online experience of honoring, visiting memorials in virtual reality of deceased loved ones; designed to be a creative and artistic, as well as traditional respectable,  personal experience. - new Croatian and world poetry magazine- Vlado Franjevic [

World Art Registry  - register your art web site now!

The Art Magazine at; can submit art event press releases to "Bulletins;" editor - Marc Doyle, London artist and web publisher - international online display of digital art; impressive Flash homepage graphics presentation; new site for 2000

Austin Museum of Digital Art- online and in Austin, Texas, 2005

HSC Visual Arts - a wealth of art related resources by Australian art teacher, Gail Suttor; includes links to information on world art history, art curriculum planning, theory of art, teaching art and important art galleries and institutions of Australia

Art - beautiful art site with many art links and galleries

Plexus Atlanta Virtual Museum - artists' exhibitions dedicated to the events of September 11, 2001

NYNetGallery.Com - represents New York artists and also has separate display of international works for sale; nice collection of available Giclee print editions

Computer History Museum - Established in 1996, the Computer History Museum is a public benefit organization dedicated to the preservation and celebration of computing history. It is home to one of the largest collections of
computing artifacts in the world, a collection comprising over 4,000 artifacts, 10,000 images, 4,000 linear feet of cataloged documentation and gigabytes of
software. The collection is housed in a Visible Storage Exhibit Area at NASA Research Park, Moffett Field, Mountain View, Calif.

Vienna Albertina Museum - reopened March 14, 2003 after 10 years closure for renovations.

Art Museums Network - "The offical website of the world's leading art museums
since 1996" 


The Art Gallery - Ukraine fine arts; masters in traditional painting and other art media.


Corporate-art-consultant -Mandala art

The Official SoHo Art Gallery of - Notice: Gallery entries are restricted to Geocities/SoHo residents only. We cannot accept computer graphics or photography. (Aug.99)

Pygoya Webmuseum Gift Shop - souvenir Pygoyan IRIS/Giclee cyberart print editions are on sale

Images of sewers around the world by Russian artists, Natalie and Alexander of Moscow

Museum of Science, Boston 

Musée d'Orsay ~ The Official Paris Art Gallery of join the Paris Art Gallery, send the address of your piece, the name of your art piece, your full name, and your email address to The number of submissions is limited to one per category: Painting, Sketch, or Sculpture. Notice: Gallery entries are restricted to Geocities/Paris residents only. We cannot accept computer graphics
or photography.

James Baird Gallery Art Online - testimonial: This place is the best I found so far to load up work for sale. Ansgard Tompson, Canadian artist

Global Museum - All the latest NEWS plus the latest Museum careers, resume
posting service, the most comprehensive Nonprofit bookshop, Museum online
travel service and Mall

Cybertown's Cyberhood 

Moving Image web site with statements, bios and links to the related net art projects 

Ars Electronica 2001- TAKEOVER - Who's doing the art of tomorrow, by Gerfried Stocker, Director of Ars Electronica

Artliage - company specialized in contemporary sculpture. Virtual gallery of
original and bronze sculptures made by European sculptors.

Captain Video's Mountain Retreat
Caltiger Webmuseum of Cyberart - Calcutta's lst online digital art museum, founded by curator Shubhojoy Mitra with recognition for inspiration from Pygoya, organizer and invited featured artist of 1999's India lst International Digital Art Exhibition in Calcutta, India

218 ac Web Gallery - The gallery is manteined by 218 ac, association from
Piacenza, Italy. It organizes exhibitions both on the net and in the areas made available by private and pubblic administrations.

Digital Art Underground - Anitabh Gandhi helps to get digital art established in India; DAU founded in April 1997; article in Times of India

Museums in Switzerland

Fine Art On-Line Gallery showcases many digital artist's sample work

The Scriberazone - e-magazine for poetry and other writings by editor Peter Johnson and staff; features Pygoya art for "covers" - fine arts for sale online, emphasis on Maine art, includes digital art by Grace Hopkins

VRML Infoseek Search - vrml/internet: 

Cyberpunk Project-Cyberpunk in Arts-Cyberpunk has also inspired many artists. The Cyberpunk art is considered free minded and there was no place for scruples, when talking about cyberpunks behind the computer or the drawing board. The erotic mixture of technology and art tickled the deep-inside-cyberpunk artists to creativity. Some cyberpunk art sites-A Cyberpunk Art Gallery -By the Moscow Cyberpunk Club; misery: VII
Great graphics by misery; Cyberpunk Art Gallery- Small cyberpunk art gallery by Kabir Fernandez; Morpheus Blue- Small cyberpunk art gallery by aoi303. References-Definition and Description of Cyberart -Or, the Virtual Art of Webism. By Pygoya

HC GALLERY - Art & Culture - Brazil based

L.A. Digilantes History-is a group retrospective of the work of 8 artists, who either emerged from, or co-invented Los Angeles computer art "digilantism". - 

3D Pygoya Museums - 2002 update new museums for original 1997 vrml galleries of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum of; "3D Website Builder" was used in 1997 and "Internet Space Builder" of Russian origin is used for the 2002 additions, optimized for quicker low band downloading from the Internet samples of many digital artists' works

ArtNet Web Projects

Dunking Bird Productions - fine arts print production for digital and traditional arts;

Artcom Museum Tour - can use custom search tool to locate one of 1,600 listed museums

Florida State University School - favorite artists selections and presentations by students, includes Pygoya as well as Picasso, Van Goh, Monet and Da Vinci

xGrant-digital art, Spanish language site

All Russian Museums on Line -An excellent site to start your tour through the Russian museums, cultures and art. Here you can find exhaustive information about Russian cultural life, sites of museum with surround video, a large collection of paintings from museums of Russia and many others interesting thing.

China Huacui Artist Community - China based art organization

Artists' Residency - part of ISEA98's "Virtual Revolutions"

Musee de la Gare d'Orsan - Paris

Centre Georges Pompidou - Beauborg/Paris

Virtual Art Gallery - Shubhojoy Mitra of India; nice image map gallery of digital art, a pioneering digital art presence online for India

Les Virtualistes

New York Arts Magazine - link page to many New York City and Internet artist's Web sites

Tate Gallery - London,UK

Wing of Pygoya Webmuseum - online virtual museum's 2001 housing of Cyberpaintings, circa 1986-1995, by cyberartist Pygoya

British Museum

218ac Web Gallery - hosted by AGONET; online gallery to "develop links between cultures by using Internet power," from Picenza, Italty

Groeninghemcun Brugge - Bruges, Belgium

Provincial Musem Moderne Kunsten - Oostende, Belgium

Protodezign - cultural ezine with progressive web graphic design

Valweb -the Visual ArtsLeague of New Jersey; co-sponsors of "Physicians and Their Art" travelling exhibition among area hospitals and public places; member of r2001 art ring; led by Judith Wray and Dr. Bochner

Interactive Collector - many collectibles, antiques, galleries and dealers

Snailmail Cards - the origin of collecting hand-signed art postcards; a Web site dedicated to the development of such a hobby using the Internet as network and resource for collector and artists alike

Chicago Art Institute

Art On The Net

MACBA - Spanish art site

Van Gogh online exhibition of the National Gallery of Art, USA

VAL - Visuial Arts League of New Jersey includes The Healing Arts Club (HARTS) that is associated with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at RWJMS-UNMDNJ at 675 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ; VAL leader is Judith Wray

Beyond Interface - Museums and the Web 1998 arts conference, Canada

digitalari - has been a premier site of photography and digital imaging on the Internet since 1994

Pagan Art - variety of free-willing art, includes erotic art too

Timothy Johnston - American painter; freaky art

Cyberart Ring Russia

ArtByMath - resourceful site on fractal imaging

Live Net-Japan

New Voices, New Visions - New Voices, New Visions was a digital art competition sponsored by Interval Research Corporation and the Voyager Company, from 1994 through 1996.
Artcon - an art project by students of the Visual Arts Department  of Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers, the State Univeristy of New Jersey

Hawaii Artists Network - growing comprehensive link list of Hawaii arts Web sites

DASART - South African art group restating human nature and environment as one;  Ashley Johnson

Cyberagenz Media Art Museum

The Lounge

VAL Web Graffiti Wall Project - submit your graffiti to their online wall

Art Buzz - includes art galleries of India

Desktop - artist information

Digital Art Museum - The Society of the Digital Art Museum was founded August 1, 1998 and incorporated in Wiesbaden, Germany to promote digital art online as a medium

Exploratorium.Home Page



The Internet Museum - interchange of information on museum activity on the Internet and between Japan and the world;

ASU Art Museum - Arizona State University's museum

Women Artists in History

HC Gallery - Art & Culture - "first Brazilian virtual art gallery", Rio de Janeiro

A Pilot GT-Arts Program - documentation and commentary of Honolulu's Kamioiki Elementary School participation in the new 1998-1999 school year's Gifted and Talenented Program in the Visual Arts; a member school of the Kaiser Complex public school system; links to sites for Gifted and Talented study and programs abroad

List of Virtual Museums


History of the Internet- Net Culture & Paradigm Shifts; lists Webmuseums of Cyberart; Internet Valley, Inc. is a Sacremento-based consulting and publishing company with unique theories on the Silicon Valley and what the future holds...They want Silicon Valley to become the Internet Valley

Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
Foundation for Digital Culture -MOMA co-produced
Guggenheim Museum Home Page


JAS Cyberspace Museum - managed by Canadian artist Jas W. felter; help organized "Art-Manege '98" exhibition of The International Art Fair in Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - a Liverpool, UK zone for celebrating the diverse and vigorus cultures of the black experience in contemporary Britain; comprises creative internet workshops, an artist's residency and Roundtable event.
Met Catalog Shop
Museum and Gallery Sites
Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA)
National Museum of American Art
The Official Salvador Dali Museum World Wide Web Site
The Refrigerator -weekly kids online art contest

Covenant of Fine Art Studio - images, poetry, prose, mythology and more

The Sight -online galleries

Cybervernissage Gallery - digital art gallery site from Germany

Fractal Design Digital Art Gallery

The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
What is Art, including Web Art - Web Art Short Cuts - leading edge web site design at 2003

Salvador Dali Museum Collection

Magritte Homepage -work of Belgian Surrealist
The USC Interactive Art Museum
Welcome to the Museum of Art
A Virtual Museum for Computer Art


WebMuseum: Bienvenue!

Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart

Hawaii Commercial Illustrators- includes Rodney Chang
YLEM (Art & Technology)
"Cyberart Doesn't Fade", James Bradley - introduction to links to The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, Warhol Museum and the Louvre.
Art E-boulevard
The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart
Artists Online

VAL Guest Page - NJ art league's online list of many artists

The Art Line
Adaweb- an art-zine
Electronic Arts Tour- Excite! search engine tour
Earthchannel Gallery
Swissart Network- listed Swiss artists including digital artists
Dreamscape's Cyberart
La Sala Del Cel
Seac: Seleccion De Euskadi De Art Conceptual
Art Universe
Kingston's Cyber Gallery

Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart - growing online permanent collection of world
digital art serving as indigenous Cyberculture of the Internet global community

International Association of Web Artists
Gallery For The Digital Arts
The Skewed Gallery

Internet for the Fine Arts - is a comprehensive network of artists, galleries, museums, organizations and resources relating to the fine arts.

Dotcom Gallery
Digital Art Gallery- Japanese site
Art on the Net
Internet Art Museum For Free
KACWeb- multimedia, U. Kentucky
USCB Center For Reserach in Electronic Art
Syracuse University School of Art & Design
Art City
ANU Drill Hall Gallery - Australia National University art gallery
Alien Eye  - 3D-art
3D Gallery- need 3-D glasses
Vern's SIRDS Gallery - stereograms
The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart
The Webmuseum Theater
eGallery- wll organized and successful gallery that sells art
Silicon Graphics Image Gallery- digital art done with Silicon Graphics workstations

The Norton Herrick Fine Arts Group -LeRoy Neiman, Erte

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Andy Warhol Museum

O'Carney Webmuseum Theater - home of fine arts animation from around the world for the Internet

Flicker Light Studio - award winning site of artist/writer Tom Repasky
The Chemist's Art Gallery -simulations of chemical structure

British Museum
Hara Museum -Japan
L.A. County Museum of Art
The Whitney Museum of American Art

Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart - life collection of works of Pygoya, Webartist, also known as Dr. Rodney Chang

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Antiques & Collectibles Guide


Art Ingrid - leading cyberartists of Bavaria

Blind Spot -photography

Gallery Candy

International Children's Art Museum -in San Francisco

Mouse Art - gnaw = sculpt

Digital Art Hub - Artists Organisations-UK and Eire

Lateral Arts - UK


(Art) and Laboratory

MOMA: The Museum of Modern Art

PHOTO ESPAÑOLA - The open project:
Fotomobil is a project powered and concepted by faktor - an Austrian group of photographers. It is an open project, that means everybody can participate and send photos to be published on this homepage and to be used within the project.
posted: 8_2004