As the collage technique replaced oil paint, the cathode ray tube will replace the canvas. - Nam June Paik

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Interactive Webism - part of the ultra-creative Web site of Webist Brigitta Krause of  Eckernförder/Germany (

A list of cyberartists 
 -contact to add artists: 

Brigitta Krause, Eckernförde/Germany 

Parys St. Martin - great digital works by Australian Webist

Zhenguo Tong - East-West scholar do did research at Berkeley, lectured/conduected workshops at Yale, master portrait artist among other subjects, previous Professor at the top Chinese art institution, the National Art Academy, and presently living in Hawaii.

Julian Adamaitis - Fractelligent Designs, visit Julian's Fractal Page; informative source for other fractal art sites

Marcel Achard
- great Canadian 3D artist using Flesh and other great animation and 3D graphic software at; exhibited  in Cyberists Hall of Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart in 1998

Michael P. Ammel - digital artist in Sete, France

Kioroglou Andreas

David Archer - Painter Dave Archer is known worldwide for space paintings partially
accomplished by painting on clear sheets of "reverse glass" with millions
of volts of electricity.

Doris Arnaud-Digital artist; computer art -Abstract,portraits,scenes,body...

James Albert - digital artist in Conceptual Dynamics' Fine Art Catalog

Steven Baker

Dave Barnhart - cosmic web art

Kent Barrett - Canadian computer graphics artist; Pixel Pushers Gallery

Billibob- nice Bryce 2 works, good music, owner of fantasy ring (The Ring of Imladris)

Rebeca Bollinger
- prints homepage portraits on pastries in real space museum; from cyberspace to gallery space

David Brady - digital art & painting

Gil Bruvel- great computer graphics artist living in Hawaii, originally from France

Marcy Burt Butz - Swiss computer artist & painter

David Camp -LightHome of Surreal 3D Art; works at University of Wisconsin Library in Madison, WI; makes computer art since 1996

Patricia Carelli - painter in Hawaii, former Asst. Professor of Art of University of Hawaii, MFA earned in Wisconsin

Tina Cassani and Bruno Beusch - TNC Network, on the Net as showroom for digital culture and lifestyle

Mark Cashman - Software programmer and digital artist in Pittsburgh, started digital art explorations with Amiga 1000.

Alberto Cerritos - Introducing the Cyberheart Series, one series of  his Digital Productions; artist resides in Burnaby, British Columbia,Canada.

Tom R. Chambers - digital and documentary photography, world wide projects and recognition; Web site includes digital photographic exhibitions

William Chestnutt
- digital painter, Devon, CT, works from original photography, mostly New England landscapes

Helen Cho - Helen Cho's Web site, Quiet Foxes, brings hypertext and art together in a more
intriguing and fluid fashion within the frame of HTML. It combines luminous imagery,
evocative text, and typographic elegance to create compelling literature for a new

Mariya Clarke - artist in Florida, new site in summer 1998

Atmara Rebecca Cloe - New World Creations; creation of visionary and inspirational art including the wonderful new Sacred Symbol Series.

Jim A. Collins - interactive multimedia designer in San Francisco presents web site "Smoke & Mirrors" with content "a bit left of center."

Yogi Chopra - digital artist in Mumbai (Bombay), India; organized lst group digital art exhibition in that city, 2000; invited artist in Calcutta's 1999 India lst International Digital Art Exhibition

Richard Dean Cook - New Mexican poet and painter has a story for each work in the Cherokee tradition.; a.ka. Telling Bird

Jack Depczyk -Jac has become Mr.Digital, but it was not always thus.
Jac passed thousands of hours refining his painting and drawing skills and, on one occasion - frustrated - stabbed his right hand with an ink-loaded nib (this has left a permanent, tatoo-like mark).
Curiously, he found that the post-modern Society has little appreciation of skills manual and prefers to worship products of a machine and even the Machine itself.
Computer, the most clever machine yet, had seized the collective imagination for the last two decades. 
Jac has lived long enough to see the time circle. People have learned to use clever machines to do stupid things more efficiently. People learned to use clever machines to help them remain stupid. Clever machines are demanding. 
Jac has kept his brushes, just in case. 
Perhaps the way forward is a dialogue between the Paint and Digits... Perphaps the battle is already lost...
quotation from, 2003

James H. Couch ll - paints in hard-line watercolor, and each painting is painstakingly detailed to bring each vision into physical reality.

Mike Curtis - digital artist; uses KPT Bryce among other graphic programs

Paul Curtis -  digital art exhibit at Gallery For the Digital Arts

Joe Dauz

Jean Claude Davreux - self taught Belgian painter

Frank DeRosa - digital artist in Virginia

Miquel Diaz-Reymad Studios, 3D digital art by artist who does space and other 3D graphic work for magazines and animation; site has Spanish and English versions.

Roz Dimon - New York computer artist; CDs of her digital art available

Rick Doble - The Internet Artist; digital photographer, computer art,  animations and writings

Cheryl Donegan
-Studio Visit for Dia Center for the Arts in NYC

Terrance Donigan- unique digital artwork by a mainframe programmer; started doing digital art with his first personal computer in the mid-eighties; favorite subject matter is flowers

Robert Downing-Artist-In-Residence, University of Toronto, Computer Systems Research Institute,1998; lifetime of exhibition around the world; Frizbee inducted into Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart, January 1998; passed away 2003

Doctor Hugo/Museums of the Mind -A virtual museum project: exploring the future of the senses.
Sources on paintings,, synaesthesia and fuzzy dreamz. Research, theory and experiments on telematics of the mind. Doctor Hugo is a net pioneer art pioneer since 1995; Ph.D. in art sciences,
Curator / new media researcher, Professor / new media theory, Royal Academy for Fine Arts - Antwerp.

Paul du Toit - Independent Contemporary Artist, including painting, digital video arts, Capetown, South Africa

Niklas Een - stereogram art, lives in Sweden

Tom Ellis - fractal artist

Camilla Eriksson - a.k.a "Millan"; GIF animations & other art media; work accepted into the O'Carney Webmuseum Theater; resides in Sweden

Glenn Fajardo - Laughing Tiger Studio

Bernhard Feller - multimedia artist of Cologne, Germany; featured exhibit in the Rave Webmuseum in 1999

Molissa Fenley- Latitudes, a dance choregraphed for the Web

Paul Ferguson

Vlado Franjevic - artist and writer for - new Croatian and world poetry magazine

Royale Frazier - pioneer in animation on the Web, abundant information on GIF animation so important that his site is mirrored internationally in many languages

Marzenna Furmaniuk-Donajski-Polish Web interactive artist; Donajski's Digital Gallery

Yuji Furusawa - Farawia, 3D digital artist in Japan

Glen Gaffney - Canadian photographer, artist and writer

Ron Gang - born in Canada, painter educated and lives in Israel; nice thick oil on canvases of cacti among other subjects

Ricardo Garcia - Surreal, visionary painter and digital New York artist, creator of the Web's historic The First Museum of Cyberspace Web site

Gardiana - Taiwan based photographer, painter and mixed media artist; studied in U.K., one of the original artists participating in Snailmail Cards

Garet and Peter's SIRDS Pages - includes "The Mother of all SIRDS links list"; UK stereogram artists

Laurence Gartel - internationally known digital artist formerly of New York, now resides in Florida; profiled in Wikipedia on line encyclopedia.

Walter Gaudnek - Professor of Art, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FA, mentor of Pygoya in painting in the 70s.

Phillip George -submitted gorgeous piece, The Menemocice4, at The Gallery@prePRESS;Australian artist

Debbi Germann - Willow's Gallery; fantasy digital art; CyberArt Design

Ken Germann - Willows' Gallery, includes fractal kaleidoscopes, digital cartoons

Frank Gillette, digital artist with a  virtual museum show at in November 1999

Steve Giovinco - Slide show of digital photographs which explore intimate views of daily life. Partly staged, partly spontaneous, these penetrating images reveal psychological
tension through domestic rituals.

Bill Graham - digital artist and animator in Phoenix, Arizona

Vincent Grek- virtual art and traditonal oils; Belgium

Nicolai Grut - digital artworks displayed at in 1998

Christian Haley-fellow artist friend of Allen Toney at Marshall University

Allegro Hart- digital mandalas at Allegro Art Web Gallery

George W. Hart - As a sculptor of constructive geometric forms, my work deals with patterns and relationships derived from classical ideals of balance and symmetry. Mathematical yet organic, these abstract forms exude a dancing motion that invite the viewer to partake of the geometric aesthetic. I use a variety of media, including paper, wood, plastic, metal, and assemblages of common household objects.

Vern Hart - Vern's SIRDS gallery of single image (random dot) stereograms

Vern Hart - stereograms

Paul Heavens -computer artist, Gallery 360

Ken Heidenrich - great digital art, represented at

Max Held - Hyper-Modernist digital artist exhibited large inkjet prints affixed to plexiglass in museum

Mamta Herland - in 2003 a Master's degree graduate student at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, U.K; published article on Giclée printmaking.

Earl Hinrichs- 1998 Gallery I, 1998 Gallery II, Computer Art News - fine art fractal artist extraordinaire; solo exhibition in Rave Webmuseum's Spotlight Gallery in 1998-1999

Lynn Hershman - digital manipulation into digital collages; time divided into BC (before computers) and AD (after digital)

Susan Hiller-Dream Screens for the Dia Center for the Arts, NYC

Gregory Hoose - This site contains a gallery of art, poetry, and short stories. You can view original sumi or Chinese paintings of animals, plants and humans (genwu); views of the ocean surf and the Carolinas. There is a Fantasy section including fairys, spirits, heavenly thoughts and ancient stories. It is full of visions of magic that include many traditions such as vedic (ramayana), pagan, celtic and the christian or Christmas spirit. Some of the works including poetry and short stories are the published subjects of ebooks and ezines. Some of the works have been included in online museums. Enjoy your stay!

Stacy Hopkins  -digital work Ann Stretton enjoys

Claude Horan - ceramist/ computer artist, retired professor in art, University of Hawaii; recognized as "Living Art Treasure" of the state, numerous national art recognition awards; cool pony tail!

Masa Inakage- exhibit at CyberAgenz's Media Art Museum

J. Michael James - virtual sculptor

John "JJ" Jasinski -Volcano, Kilauea, painter on the Big Island of Hawaii

Jasper's World - interesting Amsterdam artist's site

Renè R. Jensen -Roalf Photo Art Gallery, site contains photography artwork of the danish artist

Jodi - a collection of artistic exploration of how the Web works

Ted Johnson - designer/illustrator specializing in Photoshop realism and "intense looks"; creates 3D-looking images in 2-D programs-

Bettina Jones - enter the visual world of Bettina that is in a tropical paradise of its own; inhabited with natives, anthromorphic animals including quirky fish, all in a complex and dreamlike love relationship spiced with eroticism.

Juardma-digital art displayed at

Jujo -nice piece in "Una pequena inocencia"

Chris Kawalek- award winning well designed Web site

Kai - major computer graphics software developer and artist; made Goo, check out his personal art gallery at

Ruth Kedar-digital art and animation, requires QuickTime plugin

Bernhard Keller - digital artist and teacher of Cologne, Germany

Ingrid Kamerbeek - Bavarian, Germany digital artist, co-Coordinator of EHCC International Cyberart Global Exhibition, 2002

Karin Kuhlmann - German digital artist, co-Coordinator of EHCC Internatinal Cyberart Global Exhibition, 2002

Ahmed Khaled - digital artist of Cairo invited to exhibit at Truly Virtual Web Art Museum, making him the lst cyberartist of Egypt to show on the Internet (2001) -

John Kobelansky - Hawaii based multimedia artist, including digital and airbrushing

Komar and Melamid -Russian-artists famous for "The Most Wanted Paintings" Web site

Dorothy Krause

Leonard Krylov - 3D digital art from Sweden;

Jeffrey Kurland- interactive cyberart site- The Works: Art In a Digital Age

Kytom L.   - Kytom L. is a cyberartist who develops projects for and with other

Ron LaFond  - Eugene fantasy surreal digital artist

LightHome Israel - maintained by artist Igor Ulanovsky of Israel and Bar-Ilan University

Lisa A. Johnston -digitalari has been a premier site of photography and digital imaging on the Internet since 1994, and we are pleased to announce the opening of our latest
exhibit by Lisa A. Johnston entitled "sacred places". The on-line exhibit,
(Feb. 2, 1999)

Lucia Laqua - highly talented watercolorist in Brazil; has opening in New York City gallery in 1998; unique series of works depicting folds of textiles from "forgotten plantations of the past"

Lars Halfdan Larsen - great digital art with intense light effects that intensifies already brilliant color palettes

Maryann Lee - versatile San Francisco artist does great 3D modelling as well as illustration, drawing and painting

Pim Lindahl - a web developer for a large gaming company (Svenska Spel)
on the island Gotland in Sweden. At work he mostly make ASP, Flash
and DHTML applications. Avid computer artist.

Annette Loudon-a true Web artist online since 1995; creative virtual art project such as Gallery, The Posi-Web, and the artist's Search Engine

Hermann R. Lehner - Munich Lighthome - A Gallery of Digital Art

Larry Lovett - computer multi-media artist, first computer artist of Hawaii

Dipta J. Maitra - digital artist in Calcutta,India

Sergio Maltagliati - I am an Italian composer.I have been carrying out an experimental program of work in composition where the score is always a picture. At present the scores are only on the digital data, that allow an interactive participation by the listener.

Kim Marshall - "electronic artist"

Sebastian Marquez - "Pixel Painting" by this talented Swedish artist is indistinguishable from his paintings rendered with traditional media (like oils and pastels); digital artist since 1988 (before the Internet became public)  and a founder of computer painting in Sweden

Curtis Martin-exhibited great digital works at 360 Gallery (SF)

Linda Martin - lifetime rocker and disco dancer making the meditative dance transition into digital arts (lifelong artist);
wrote online story book for children of Bombay, India to give them sense of life in Australia

Fiely Matias - animator for the Web; includes cute "critters"; works inducted into Webmuseum Theater, January 1999

Daisuke Matsunobu- digital artist and painter in Japan

Florian Maushart -The Book of Cyber Emotions Web site; digital artist in Denmark

Mayuir of Birmingham - featured Webist's image monthly, 2004

Girish Menor - digital art student; assisted with art college exhibition in Rave Webmuseum, 1999; attends SIES College at Mumbai, Inda

Manfred Miersch-Projekt Farhrenheit 451

Art Miller- Representation to Identification, animated portraits

Markus Miller - digital artist

Allen Millikan - radical Web artist; "kinda scary"- Web Magazine

Cheong Thye Ming's Online Gallery - beatiful Chinese watercolors from Singapore/Taiwan region

Shubhojoy Mitra - popular digital Indian artist and curator of the Calcutta Webmuseum

Manfred Mohr - The computer became a physical and intellectual extension in the process of creating my art. I write
computer algorithms i.e. rules that calculate and then generate the work which could not be realized in any other way. My artistic goal is reached when a finished work can dissociate itself from its logical content and stand convincingly as an independent abstract entity.

Milton Montenegro - computer artist

Allen Mullen - a leading ASCII art artist; has done a "famous paintings" series based upon old masters.

Vik Muniz - Web art projects

Ken Musgrave - a leading fractal artist of the Web; Online Gallery of Synthetic Fractal Images

Wayne Miyamoto - Professor of art at University of Hawaii-Hilo; teaches painting, drawing and printmaking

Mark Napier-digital artist with humorous cartoon element in work;

Art Nealander - multi-media artist

New York Arts Magazine - link page to many New York City artists and Internet artist's Web sites

Darlene Nguyen-Ely - extraordinary wall mounted creature and lantern-like contemporary sculptures

Dennis Orlando - Philadelphia, PA

Mike Ortega - experience this online version of Web art

Steven Parente - a leading digital artist in Hilo, Hawaii

Elenyte Paulauskas-Poelker - extraordinary digital art of the fractal venue, complemented with poetry by the multi-talented creator of "Incurable Art" 

Marja-Leena Pelho - photo-realistic manipulations, published in PEI (7/2000), digital artist living in Finland; works have a touch of magic atmosphere

Suzi Pletye - experimenting at the interface between digital art and monoprintmaking

Vitaly Pospelov - marvelous 3D digital art by this artist in Ryazan, Russia

Larry Poulton - new digital artist using Bryce and Poser, 2001

The Power of Beauty - fantastic digital erotic nudes as fine art cyberart; German art site

Richard Prehn -  has very unique photo-art; his work has encompassed a wide range
of styles and subjects from the rather normal to the extremely bizarre.

Pygoya - cyberartist tracing the evolution of personal computer graphics through the chronology of his works(1985-present); Web-base cyberart; 3D Pygoya Museums - 2002 update new museums for original 1997 vrml galleries of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum of; "3D Website Builder" was used in 1997 and "Internet Space Builder" of Russian origin is used for the 2002 additions, optimized for quicker low band downloading from the Internet; among many web site galleries, see Pygoyan works at this European site

Wynne Ragland - great digital art,  represented at

Renata Ratajczyk- Light Vision; freelance photographer, including visionary angelic work with digital graphic elements.

Tom Repasky - Flicker Light Studio

Glen River - playwright, artist, multimedia author, computer artist and  consultant, song writer, story teller, video producer, author, teacher, poet, photographer, painter, printmaker, speaker, film maker

Jim Robin - social commentary digital art and paintings; Image Bytes Art Gallery

Steff Rocknak - Detailed figurative wood sculptures; influenced by the Medieval
tradition. Some religious pieces.

Jennifer Rothschild - sculptor and painter in Hawaii

Ben Rotman - famous Tel Aviv digital artist with international exhibition history

Joel Ruiz - Creative Studio;  3D digital artist lives in Monterey, Mexico; English and Spanish language site

Bill Russell - digital artist residing in Oklahoma; had 1998 show in Pygoya Webmuseum's VIP Suite gallery

Casimir Rutkowski - exhibited great digital landscapes at Gallery 360 (SF Website)

Denise Ruzich - digital artists exhibit at Rave Webmusuem of Cyberart reviewed by New York Arts Magazine, July 1998; see historic formal critical review of virtual show in virtual online museum.

Erwin Rybin-digital artist

Sherry Schuller

Siegfried Schreck - poet and digital artist among other creative talents, residing in Hamburg, Germany; invited to exhibit in the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart in 2001

Roy Scott - great digital piece in "Alstromerias"

Harald Seiwert - computer + traditional medium) artist, living in Amsterdam, Netherlands; wonderfully laid out simulated 3D virtual museum consisting of image map galleries with access doors to adjacent rooms; visit  "Harald Seiwert's Virtual Museum"

Selvia's Art Cave - computer art gallery plus

Alejandro Silveiro - pioneering digital artist in Uruguay, South America; oil painting-like carnival figures and bogo drums a favorite subject

Simone Shannon -Vortexya is comprised of Marcell Marias and Simone Shannon and is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Kurt Shaw - Wildly abstract art that has chemical and biological associations by a San
Francisco Bay Area artist.

Marcus van Soest - successful painter that works between Netherlands and France, member of the Webists group ; his website: ART-PAINTER.TK  

Sheo Wolf - aka   Diane Langella, but goes by her Native name of "SheoWolf".
Her webpage and art can be found at:

Lance Shields- digital animator

Alexei Shulgin - experimental Web artist

Maryann Shultz - one of the very first artist to form her own homestead community on

Alejandro Silveiro - pioneering digital artist in Uruguay, South America; oil painting-like carnival figures and bogo drums a favorite subject

John Steward - many different art media, including computer art

Sinclair's Cyberart-computer graphics art

Carla Sindle - Symbolic Expressionism in painting; member of R2001 internatinal art ring

Alexa Smith - futuristic digital artist and photographer; webmaster of artFUTURE web site

Renata M. Spiazzzi - digital artist

Joan G. Stark - comprehensive effort in creating original ASCII art from 1996-present

Starglazer_101  - enthusiastic disciple and practitioner of the emerging digital art of Australia

P.K. Steffen- mixed media installations, painting, multimedia and video artist

Amy Stone - digital artists and director of the Museum of Web Art

Ann Stretton -celebrity artist-resident in district, own site entitled Ann-s-thesia

Tyson Su - very technologically proficient graphic artist from Columbia University,includes work in VRML, animation, java. etc.

Edward Swan- Dub's true Sp F/X Page

Terbo Ted - computer art exhibit at Gallery For The Digital Arts

Allen Toney - West Virginia digital artist does elegant figure and classical works  in a surreal digital environment; Marshall University

Sejal Trivedi - "solo digital art" web site, digital artist in Mumbai (Bombay), India, with B.A. in History

Tony Tseng - painter and digital artist of Taipei, Taiwan; educated in London.

Joan Truckenbrod
- Chicago Art Institute, faculty, multimedia digital arts, internationally acclaimed computer artist, previously invited and exhibited in the annual Hawaii Computer Art Society's "Annual Hawaiian Computer Art Exhibition at Honolulu City Hall

Hans-Georg Tuerstig - Croatian artist and poet

Igor Ulanovsky - J-Artist, working according to his conception of Jewish Fine Arts (J-Art); paintings with sensitivity besides harmony

Maral Valcarce -3d graphics

Marco Vernaglione - digital erotic art; artist born in Italy and now lives in Germany

Roman Verostko

Sharyne E Walker -exquisite original contemporary paintings by international master artist

Andrew Wallastein- digital artist at Shadow Co. Studio at Art on the Net

Ken Ward- graphic and digital artist with some nice 3D works

Timothy Washington - LA artist of 30+ years; recently also digital art with Afro-American theme

Annette Weintraub -Realms cybeart piece

Steve Whitt - artist of Website "Cyber Spacecase" in Modesto, Finland

Keith Wigdor, artist;  featured digital artist at  in February 2002; goal is to break the space and time dimensions through his art; his art is his self.

TJ Wine- San Francisco artist's pretty radical alternative Web art site

Peter Wolfgang - photographer, digital artist and designer of Germany

Nancy Wood, MFA - digital artist and college art instructor in Texas, UCLA graduate

Boris Woronzow - Venezuela video, multi-media artist among many other talents, originally born in Germany of Russian parents; email-

Gu Yingzhi - is a outstanding chinese painter and calligrapher. Now her works are not only collected and exhibited at many national conference halls, museums, Chinese Calligraphic stones, but also widely circulated and highly appreciated in HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, France,the United States, etc.  Among the world's best in Chinese painting of cats.

Catherine Yokovina - talented multimedia artist of St. Petersburg, Russia; webmaster of Stl Petersburg Lighthome Web site of R2001 international art ring

Sandra Young - resided throughout many states of USA, now resides and creates art in Hawaii, U. Hawaii, BFA

Sandy Young - I-DE-A

Shanglie Zhou-well known Belgium artist, originally from Shanghai, famous for her mixed media conceptual art/installations such as packaged sculptures wrapped, priced and sold at a supermarket!