SOME OF MY INTERESTING                                        GEOCITIES/SoHo NEIGHBORS

Became acquainted with these 2 or less megabyte sites by virtually walking the neighborhood and inviting myself.  Among these and other artistic sites in the "neighborhood" community of SoHo, SoHo/Studios and SoHo/Lofts I have made some virtual friends with other digital artists around the world.  Pygoya, residing at my "home on the Web" at




 And also - Check out these residents into "Art"

SoHo neighborhood's own e-zine! - ZINeDOe

SoHo Community Murals- collaboration by resident artists in the 'hood

Blumdesign        /SoHo/Lofts/9651

New Media Gallery      /SoHo/Lofts/9744  Don Whitaker

ArtBytes   /SoHo/Lofts/9780   Rene' Lafrance

The Computer Art Forum  /SoHo/3103  Michael Mayer

Mike Mittelman's Virtual Gallery  /SoHo/2412

Mike's Digital Art Gallery  /SoHo/5481

Arf Graphics  /SoHo/1006  Ron Hicks

Automatik Allegorik Gallery /SoHo/1629 (France)

Stacy's Pages  /SoHo/1752   resourceful links

Jason's Gallery  /SoHo/2483

Erangi Home Page  /SoHo/4774

Cosmic Chicana's Homepage  /SoHo/5684

Joe Angerson's Digital Gallery of Art  /Paris/2138

Sledge's Ledge    /SoHo/2973

Ann Stretton , MFA   /SoHo/4941 - awards winning site!

Cy on the Web  /SoHo/5109  Wyzton Borrero

Wilson's Place   /SoHo/2491  Wilson Waguespack

Elbanrof -The Digital Exhibition   /SoHo/Studios/1190

Evilene  /SoHo/Studios/1165

Iceman 777   WAVs/GIFs  /SoHo/Studios/1198

Nocturnalpos -webzine for hours between dusk and dawn /SoHo/Studios/1159

Reherakhty -computer art inspired by ancient Egypt   /SoHo/Studios/1293

Teeze  - "Art is Life"  /SoHo/Studios/1122

Vix World   /SoHo/Studios/1131

Proximo -Shockwave games and puzzles  /SoHo/Studios/1100

Accentonart         /SoHo/Studios/1077

Artist Wall   /SoHo/Studios/1093

Twistedflesh   /SoHo/Studios/1066

Doofie   -Gif animations   /SoHo/Studios/1068

ody-x - My Cyber Art Gallery  /SoHo/Studios/1046

dcronin   /SoHo/Studios/1033

No-mind   /SoHo/Studios/1017

cvm_a_mvc  /SoHo/Studios/1053

leutenegger   /SoHo/Studios/1319

heathero   /SoHo/Studios/1321

marcelogs  - Computer Graphics IS Art    /SoHo/Studios/1346

moran -  /SoHo/Studios/1364

933674 - animation GIFs  /SoHo/Studios/1372

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