Because last place IS-

1.  Cyberspace- the last frontier

2.  the last place the weary cybernaut drops in to relax before returning to offline reality

3.  a  last place one expects to discover new art, for example...

4.  expected to be  a survivor of the first generation of "homepage" artifacts that populated the Internet back in the 20th Century, to have ever "lasting power"

5.  suggestive of a contest, with voluntary  selection of the bottom position because the site is not interested in being a victor or  to be muddled in mediocrity of  other positions (i.e., Second Place, Third Place)  but prefers a noncompetitive posture that still contributes to Cyberculture

6.  associated with the back of a train, the caboose where one can take a break from the hustle and bustle upfront

7. suggestive of a "there-ness" or physicality; a sense of place is promoted  in this niche of virtual space and reality

8.  an ordinal position , inferring relationship to a whole or group, here other  art Websites

9.  sort of laid back and rebellious, provoking thought on "what goes here?"

10. a dichotomy if it becomes a first place of cyberart on the Web

11. an oxymoron; this may be the first place of a truely virtual art museum dedicated to serving the visual art  needs of the virtual community

12. a place that is lasting

13. a domain name easy to remember, a gimmicky mnemonic  device

14. one of the last places melding digital and traditional art media as a bridge leading to the future cyberart of the Information Age of the next century

15. hopefully one of the last places removed from cybernauts' bookmark drive cleanups

16. an actual virtual place residing in the mind

17. functional as a rest stop amidst the frenzied pace of impatiently  racing about or  becoming stalled in traffic on the Information Highway

18. a place that is interactive, whether through clicking and navigating VRML space or reacting to or playing with (for example, the puzzles)  the artwork

19. uncompromising of content depth for current bandwidth limitations, positioning to be content compatible for the ever increasing access speed of developing Internet hardware and software of the future

20. appropos to critics who are disenchanted with site content and consider this the "last place on the Web to ever return to"

21.  the location of an art museum, this time constructed in last frontier of virtual reality, to serve as a depository  of artistic artifacts for virtual gatherings of viewers dispersed around the planet to appreciate and associate with

22.  the last place to try to get your money; service to creating and maintaining a museum  "belonging" to all cybernauts is foremost (of course contributions of patrons towards sales of art assist the artists to earn a living)

23. a place of art indigenous to the virtual space of what  Dr. Leon James calls the "communal mind" as it "exists and grows in cyberspace".. which "fosters virtual communities"; without such art to enrich the "communal mind" just how humane can such communities become? Virtual  space travellers' need to experience art is just as real as that for existing in concrete environments.

24. cyberspace staked as the last place to showcase and leave behind one's art as digital artist at the end of one's career

25. the last phase, coming full circle for an art piece created on a monitor screen, printed out, framed and displayed, then scanned back to its electronic origins and finally permanently exhibited in the virtual electronic domain as fossilized digital artifacts

26. possibly the final documenting record of a type of art that existed should that next big exterrestial object collide with the planet

27. the last place to expect to discover knowledge and interest about Cyberpsychology and Cyberculture; yet through the scrutiny of such research can a breed of digital artists materialize art relevant to the needs of a virtual mass audience

28. a last place that considers computer art  (1960s-1990s) transcending to digital art with  distinguishable virtual attributes

29.  a voting booth on art preferences through their clicking and selecting behavior; "a website not visited ceases to exist" (Leon James)

30. a last chance  to see and review art made by personal computers during at the beginning of personal computer graphic power evolution (1980s)

31. the last place to leave offline reality when going online for effort to continue the same daily feelings and thoughts we harbor or strive to nuture and  explore,  for no matter where, what realm,  we choose to spend time in our lives

32.  a sanctuary from the constant cyberstress to change and update, to revise and append. to compete and to win; a place with museum ambiance and stillness, the home of an art collection with virtual permanence for future generations to share

33. a last place to review lists of Cyberculture sources

34. a last cyberramp to enjoying art before exiting to other regions of Cyberculture  and Cyberresearch through convenient intrasite links

35. possibly a last place that recognizes, values and awards  experimental cyberartists with serious intent to contribute and belong to the virtual community

36. a place to support fledging cyberartists with no support or rejected by the real (alternative?) world

37. a place to research past cyberart development and exhibitions for future cyberart historians

38. designed to possess a sense of place that is safe, friendly and nuturing

39. a digital domain with digital spirituality through creation with  positive digital art spirit

40. is a last place on the Web to return again and again

41. the last place to visit together as avatars

42. a last place to get a farewell kiss goodbye when leaving the Web (click "exit" on "homepage" of The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart)

43. a last place to go "take in a show" (theater of animation) before leaving the Web

44. a last place to check out graphics special effects such as stereograms

45. a last place to reap cyberculture and become cyber-acculturated on the Web

46. a last place to remember to bookmark to return journeys

47. a last place to remininsce the awe of  2001 from a 20th Century perspective

48. a last place to bookmark Great! network linked site group shows across the 'Net featuring digital art

49. a last place to seek Web site recognition for cyberart quality through award of a Webmuseum Colony trophy

50. The last place you would expect links to First Place, Second Place and Third Place

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