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Welcome to a site richly endowed with fine arts!  Please don't feel sorry for us for taking last place. The domain  name is lastplace because we hope it is the last place you visit after Internet browsing or working trips.  In our opinion nothing could be more relaxing than to look at art in a virtual museum that is open 24 hours  a day and  accessible anywhere were there is online access.  Last Place is also more distinctive than any other position besides First Place  (the domain name was already taken, so was Second and Third). Being in Last Place also means there's no rush to the top or front.  But we do hope to stay online for a very long time, maybe becoming one of the last original art websites remaining way into the 21st Century.  We hope to last! Most importantly we hope it's the Web site you  bookmark to return to on cyberspace journeys as a last place to enjoy ( to eliminate stress and frustrations ) before signing off. For more last place introspections/rationalizations go to "why last place?" showcases digital art (computer art) that transforms into cyberart, or art uniquely experienced and/or created solely for the Internet audience. Most of the art is located in VRML or virtual reality space so the visitor needs a VRML browser to run these files.  Player, freeware from Virtus Corporation, is necessary for the quality virtual reality enivronment here, constructed with Virtus 3-D Website Builder.  However for those who do not wish to download such browser programs, some of the art is accessible in regular HTML files.  Besides digital art there is some other art forms available, such as oil painting and watercolors, at this site. Sound to enhance the VRML art viewing experience is present but an option to the browser.  ( Note - when entering individual 3D galleries you enter through an elevator space.  Within the elevator is a button with a music treble clef on it.  The button does not operate as of this first version of 3DWebsite Builder.  The buttons however have already been graphically installed for future music linking capability of the software by Virtus Corporation. Currently, for background music, please activate music option in HTML page that serves as portal to virtual reality galleries.)

The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart serves as a permanent museum collection of the huge body of works of Pygoya, also known as Dr. Rodney Chang of Hawaii,. U.S.A.   In fact the site  is his brainchild  for promoting the identity and development of a new form of "cyberart".  Such online declaration of the concept and criteria for such art assists in providing guiding parameters for his continued work as a Web based artist.

The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart showcases some of the best digital art of the Web world that has not only graced pages of HTML but contributed to an indigenous virtual cultural experience and identiy for its online global population. The museum serves as a "hall of fame" for the best that have existed at some point in time online. It now preserves the imagery in virtual permanency for all to return to savor again and again and to share the historic work with future Internet generations.

The Webmuseum Theater is a virtual reality movie room that features computer graphic animation for the Internet.  This is recognized as an early Internet attempt to eventually be a multi-media art form equivalent to what is technically possible now on television (1997).

The Webmuseum Cyberculture Reference Library is a place for artists to come and study research on the nature of art and the online populations that it is exposed to, interacts  with and shapes.  The idea is to provide such specialized studies in one location for cyberartists who want knowledge to develop content for their art or further relevance to the psychic and needs of their online audiences. Many art and art related links are provided throughout.

For art collectors and shoppers artwork, souvenirs and antiques are for sale in The Collector's Gallery and The Gift Shop located in The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart.

For full impact of what this site has to offer expect extended time for downloading the virtual reality,  heavily graphics ladden content.  There is depth here for those serious over art.  Otherwise one can get around relatively quickly by sticking  to conventional 2-D HTML files and avoiding entering VRML or virtual reality file directories.

We hope your stay is a pleasant one if not inspirational for kindling optimism of the potential of art made in cyberspace.  Like real world museums it would take extended unrushed time to see all the work.  So we hope you decide to return time and time again to view what you had previously missed or to discover what's new.  Please also tell your friends about the site so that it can truly be a significant online people's museum.

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