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An Art.Net linked Virtual Museum

Electrons. The new art medium.
Computer chip designers, manufacturers, programmers, and ISPs conspire to create the
world's largest canvas. It is called
cyberart. The canvas is the net, and we paint it with electrons.
---Earl Hinrichs, 1998


Website launched May 24, 1997


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I can't begin to voice the sheer excitement this brings: art free to
make an impact in the world, not shackled by fabricated market
constraints, and actually out there interacting, being a part of the
world and its evolution! And, to top it all off, a celebration of the

Denise Ruzich


The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart - cyberart collections of Pygoya, Web artist; special 3D digital art exhibit by French artists in Cyberist Hall ( must enter VRML below); featured attractions: Space Gallery Exhibition starring Mars photo textural elements (online October 27, 1997); Recent Works Gallery , 3D works (established November 13, 1997); Potpourri Gallery, for experimental Web-based art; and "What's New" at the Pygoya. Go to guest vrml exhibitions at the Pygoya Webmuseum's Cyberists Hall and the VIP Suite Gallery by departing on the vrml shuttle below, Terminal VRML

Early Computer Paintings- sample art catalog of Cyberpaintings exhibited in the upstairs vrml galleries of the Pygoya Webmuseum; to enter virtual reality spaces scroll below

EZ TOURS of this Web site for your convenience; new visitors or returnees tour selections

Our Definition of "Cyberart"

The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart- A virtual reality curated online permanent art collection representative of some of the best digital art that is or has been displayed on the Internet by global computer artists. Introduction & HTML art catalog
Besides the growing permanent art collection, visit in VRML the Rave's revolving exhibitions at its Spotlight Gallery for master cyberartists and its Webmuseum Art College Gallery for collaboration with university art departments that include digital fine arts in their curriculum. Scroll below to enter Terminal VRML

The O'Carney Webmuseum Theater-  A virtual reality theater dedicated to showcasing digital animation and multimedia on the Internet.

The Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library- Accumulating research information from the Internet that helps describe the development of a global culture  that is shared by all connected to the Internet. Such knowledge is then used by artists accessing this source for developing content and direction for their cyberspace directed artistic creations. There is also an accumulating list of art related links for direct reference to any type of fine arts represented online. Coming Soon!- Cyberculture Art Museum- all art media works with the Internet/Web as subject matter

Pygoya Webmuseum's  Art Lounge chatroom and Reception Hall; Art Lounge is a private "conference" room requiring a password while Reception Hall is used for exhibition openings with the artist(s) present at virtual "artist's receptions". Or heck, just rendezvous with fellow museum visitors and talk cyberart and become acquainted at the coffee table!:)

Watch for scheduled show opening announcements in What's New & Extended Information

Or sign Webmuseum's visitor REGISTRY -for a chance to win a free limited edition signed phonecard by Pygoya (only 100 manufactured of each card of a set of six with Amerivox) Why bother?- Hint: Do you feel lucky? Past Winners! Notice: Contest Closed  in 1999

About this Web site, Sector I-Webmuseum Cybercolony

About "Why 'last'?"

Art Portfolio - a sampling of the art of this Sector
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GREAT! - our staff's presentation of a Web network show of outstanding art sites

LightHome Hawaii - member of Renaissance 2001 Webring; see our beacon light on a world image map of the global art ring! (click on any light and instantly travel to that ring site)

Webmuseum Cybercolony 's LightHome Hawaii per request designed and constructed for R2001 WebRing its vrml 4-Corners World Gallery (as in "4 corners of the world"); the
mirror gallery was launched and situated at on February 18, 1998 as a collaborative project of R2001.LightHome Hawaii and

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Please visit Terry Carrolls FAQ, read section 2.3, copyrights.



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Archived Past Exhibitions of Webmuseum Cybercolony


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