ASIAN ANTIQUES of Art Treasure Gallery, Hawaii

Pygoya Webmuseum has a working relationship with real world Art Treasure Gallery of Honolulu, Hawaii. The beautiful antique treasures you see displayed here are available at this gallery. The webmuseum only provides online display of the collectibles and does not manage any browser transaction over the items. If you seek information on the antiques and references of their impeccable good reputation as antique dealers please contact Art Treasure Gallery directly:

Art Treasure Gallery
9 N. Pauahi Street
Suite 317
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

or  call or fax the gallery at 1-(808)-533-3469

Item No. 1 -Sung Dynasties, 960-1127 AD

Item No. 2 , Ching Dynasties, 1796-1820

Item No. 3 , Ching Dynasties, 1736-96

Item No. 4, Ching Dynasties, ca 18th Century

Item No. 5 , Ching Dynasties, ca 18th Century

Item No. 6, Ching Dynasties, 1736-1796

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