Pygoya Webmuseum is proud to offer the original art of Larry Lovett, the first computer artist of the state of Hawaii.  Back in 1984 Lovett purchased and installed in Honolulu the then highest end of personal computer graphic power as embodied in an souped up IBM-XT with Lumena 8 graphics.  The system cost Lovett approximately $30,000. Larry Lovett became good friends and worked closely with the developer of Lumena, John Dunn of California. Rodney Chang, now known as Pygoya, was Lovett's student protege'.  Pygoya, then a painter and sculptor, was introduced to "computer graphics" changing his artistic interests, ambition and life forever.  Over a decade later the two artists continue an endearing friendship and collaborate on digital art projects. Like Pygoya, Lovett was formally trained in the traditional art media before taking to computer graphics.  Lovett received a Masters of Art in Education  from Columbia University in New York and has exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution. These watercolors caputre the same character and emotional expression as Lovett's computer graphics animations exhibited in the Webmuseum Theater.  One cannot help but realize that the same raw energy of Lovett's color palette in animation spills over into his creations in watercolor.

Sunset I, 1997

Sunset II, 1997

Sunset III, 1997

Ladder, 1997

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