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Art Blogs - Dave Barney's blog art site

Cyberart and Online Culture -Thoughts from the University of Munich regarding
cyberart and online culture, more is an Online Creativity magazine encouraging creative people through the meduim of the internet. Launched since 8th June 2000 it has given many creative people openings into the real world.

Advice to a Young Artist -David Genovesi, Gallery, Milano, Italy

Should artists blog?-Robert Genn

Art Lover's Guide to Digital Art - JD Jarvis, 2003

Atlas of Cyberspace - books, movies, art on interpretations of "cyberspace"

Digital and online line art reserach

What is Art, including Web Art - Web Art Short Cuts - leading edge web site design at 2003

What is Art? - comments by art group, January 2004

MIRRORED PAGES AT THIS SITE BY-(permission granted by the authors)

Leon James

Storm A. King

Steve Mizach

Elizabeth Reid

Harold Rheingold


Shankar - India Documentary of Electronic Arts  - Since January 2000, this has taken the form of a six-monthly CD-gazette we call The IDEA (Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts), which is distributed free to about 1,000 identified e-artists and related individuals/organizations around the world.

Roy Ascott - Director, Caiiamind

Giselle Beiguelman -Post Urban Cities

Holle Humphries - writer on the history of computer art; lecturer on the topic; contact: Nancy Wood, Art Institute of Houston, TX

Boehm, Alyssa -Internet, addictive?

Boehm, Alyssa - more Cyberculture work by Boehm while with Tripod and Chicago Tribune

Louis Armand, Transitional Notes on Cyberart, 2001

Bennett, Steven-Rantings-About .GIF Animation and Web Graphics in General

James Bradley -Cyberart Doesn't Fade

Cailin Jugenjaeger Callahan- Digital Addiction

David Camp - art and souls, 2005

Rodney Chang - Definition and Description of Cyberart/Virtual Art(1997); A Museum for Museums (1998); model for a web art school within the museum system (1998); art exhibition proposal for museum with web art ring (1998)

Kathy Cleland - Who Will I Be Today?, introductory to the eassays at Cybercultures

John Colette - The More Things Change

Gerald O'Connell - concept of HTML itself as a potential medium for art of the Web, Omniverse- Omniverse is a genuine attempt to deploy HTML as an artistic medium in
its own right. Later this year I will start developing it again, adding new ideas, words and images. Like Flux Aeterna, it strikes me as being a work that can continue to be developed forever. If you go to the source code, you will find a number of statements and ideas embedded in the text parts of the work.

Anna Couey-Cyberart: The Art of Communication Systems

Philip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Rick Doble - Thoughts About the Future of Art in the 21st Century

Jan Fernbank & Brad Thompson-Virtual Communities:Abort, Retry, Failure?

Jeri Fink -Pychotechnology Online

Monika Fleischmann

Monika Fleischmann & W. Strauss - Home of the Brain

Herbert W. Franke - science fiction novels

Robert Genn - on Copyists, July 2005

Robert Genn - judging art, November 2005

Robert Genn - creativity and mental illness 2005

Robert Genn - morning creativity, December 2005

Robert Genn - aesthetic arrest, April 2006

Robert Genn - Edward Munch, April 2006

Robert Genn - the kept artist; painting for the King, October 2006

Anita Hamilton -Art Goes Digital for CNET, January 1996

Anita Hamilton-Interactie Art & the Net

Andy Hawk- Future-Culture Manifesto

Webism- Cecil Herring, August 26, 2004

Mamta Herland - master thesis on digital art, printing and the internet

F.Heylighen- Principia Cybernetica Web; Symposium -Theories and Metaphors of Cyberspace

Michael Hill - Cyberculture Vulturism

Gregory Hoose - tarot cards and the artist

Leon James - Professor of Psychology, writer/research of Cyberpsychology, University of Hawaii-Manoa

Patricia Johnson-A Global Canvas: The Museum Book of Digital Fine Art

Steven Jones - Just what is it that makes today's Digital Art so different, so appealing?

Caroline Keizer - Digital Museums: A Powerful New Medium For Art Appreciation

Storm A. King - Cyberpsychologist

Norman D. Knox - Code for Better World Artists

Tim Leary - "Chaos & Cyberculture", deceased, ashes orbiting outer space, writings on Cyberculture orbiting in cyberspace, also try

Bill LeFurgy - online Cyberculture "CinC" zine

Richard Loveless - The Computer Revolution & the Arts, editor; The Present and Future of Art

Annette Loudon-Aesthetic Skitsophrenia and Other Artistic Disorders

Steve Mizach - Cyberanthropologist

Sebastian Marquez - Writes about "Pixel Painting"; this talented Swedish artist displays digital works online that are indistinguishable from his paintings rendered with traditional media (like oils and pastels); digital artist since 1988 (before the Internet became public)   and a founder of computer painting in Sweden.

Ken Musgrave - Artist's Statement - on the Innate Beauty of Landscape

Mark Nunes - research on Cyberculture


Alev Oguz - making art for the ego

Claudio Pinhanez - Computer Theater

Pygoya -Immortality and Art, February 28, 2005
Picture This - Making Art for Eternity, March 30, 2005

Martin's Dreams - Dr. Martin Raskovsky, UK, writer/artist/web site designer

Barbara Rauch -Dream States/Web Site Planet Dreaming

Elizabeth Reid - Cyberculture research

Harold Rheingold - Cyberculture, The Virtual Community

Jerry Salt - Seeing Out Loud

Shiralee Saul - Lost in Tomorrowland, as published at Cybercultures

James Sempsey - writer/researcher on Cyberpsychology

Sharon Steuer-Art in the Digital Age, interview with John Barry, editor and author of Create magazine; Steuer is author and editor of The Illustrator Wow! Book; related: Art Goes Digital;Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design-School of Visual Arts, NY

 Gerfried Stocker, Director of Ars Electronica 2001-TAKEOVER - Who's doing the art of tomorrow

John Suler,PhD - Cyberpsychology, Rider University, Dept. Psychology

Sherry Turkle - Cyberculture author

Roman Verostko-Algorithmic Art, Composing the Score for Fine Art; pioneer of Epigenetic art or original works of art generated by code

Victoria Vesna - UCSB

Ute Vorkoeper Programmed Seductions: Cornelia Sollfrank tests Authority in the Net

Caroline Wright - regular columnist for an Internet periodical

Chun Xia - manifesto on cyberart for the 21st Century

Gene Youngblood- METADESIGN Towards a Postmodernism of Reconstruction

Francesca Zanella - comments on the democratization of creativity, 2004
It's Digital, but is it Art? -Judy DeMocker, 9//8/98
The Wired Artisan - 1998
Leave My Files Alone - Judy DeMocker, 1998
Webmasters, Not Old Masters -Ian Christe, 1998
State of the Art - Daniel Pinchbeck, 1998
The Trouble with Net Art - David Hudson, 11/98


What is Art?

Ayn Rand - Objectivism - theory on what is art which may exclude Modernist and Post-Modernist works

Pygoya - theory on what is art based upon art psychology and working as an artist within the computer art   and Internet realm

Sell or Show? Robert Genn, March 2006


Other Writings

Virtual Pilgrimages on the Internet 

Some Thoughts on Creativity and Meta-Creativity -Bret Battey

French digital artist, Bernard Dumaine, favorite writings on digital and internet art-