SPECIAL EFFECTS GALLERIES -                  3-D Glasses Art,  Stereograms and Jigsaw Puzzles!

These are samples of 3D cyberart by Pygoya.  For the intended artistic effect the viewer needs to wear specical 3D-glasses available through the Gift Shop order form or by contacting Theatric Support in Studio City, CA ; Telephone- 1-(818)-763-3211.

The "3D Glasses" artwork is located in The Special Effects Galleries along with art stereograms and puzzles to manipulate.  Access into the SEG in VRML space is through  a door connected to the first floor "Grand Lobby" of the Pygoya Webmuseum.

To play the art puzzles the puzzle exe. program must be downloaded. It would be more realistic to interact with the art online but alas, as for the present limitations of HTML, the visitor must "take home" the puzzle and play offline.  Consider the puzzles a gift for visiting the museum; there is no charge.  However reproduction of any form of the copyrighted imagery of the puzzles is strictly prohibited.  The artists only grant permission for the work to used as puzzle elements and not used in its pictorial entirety for any commerical application.

Sample 3-D Art-

"Graphics Revisited", Pygoya, 1997

"Earth", Pygoya, 1997

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