The Webfelt Museum of Early Cyberart is scheduled to go online on September 15, 1996.

The site will offer the Web audience the opportunity to view the best Web-based digital art that contributes to our online experience, or what we call "cyberculture".

The site will be available in both regular HTML or VRML or virtual reality although the latter needs further development.

The Webfelt grounds will consist of five "buildings". They are the Museum Information Center, the Current Shows, the Permanent Collections, Services and Discussions and the Artists Studios.

The museum is linked and a part of Virtutopia, a start up virtual city founded upon promoting cyberculture and collecting research results of the subject now being undertaken around the world.

Return to the Webfelt for its grand opening with a group show by the Hawaii Computer Art Society, September 15th. The exhibition will run from September 15 till October 20, 1996. We welcome your presence at our inaugural exhibition!

Please feel free to E-Mail us for information.


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