It was an exciting and exploratory venture to be handed the challenge of building a virtual reality museum for Creative Frontiers Publications and Pygoya, the artist formerly known as Rodney Chang.  Without considering the technological limitations of current Internet capacities our firm worked with the ideals and creativity of Pygoya in creating a believable 3D enivironment to BE a museum in the ethereal of Web cyberspace.  With the challenge of displaying "cyberart" in "cyberspace" the conventional approach of HTML pages of scrollable graphics was considered incompatible for the project and would not do justice to the computer works of Pygoya.  Through the cooperative assistance and support of Virtus Corporation, Ambit Designs is proud to launch The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart into the worldwide audience of the Web in virtual reality, with sound and animation.  Ambit Designs admits to have been caught up in Pygoya's ambitious dreams of serving up rich artistic content that will contribute immensely to developing visual culture innate to the Internet.

Such a major project could only be successfully developed and completed with the specialists on the team--Pygoya, with his artistic dream for the Internet and his great body of cyberartworks, Virtus Corporation for their assistance in implementing the project unto the Internet and other technical support assistance, Creative Frontiers Publications for financial management of the project and work on the Browser's Guidebook, and of course the hardworking, tech-cranking team we have at Ambit Designs.

We at Ambit Designs welcome the opportunity to fulfill other companies' Internet site building needs.  Feel free to write to our Webmaster with any questions about our company, rates, or bids concerning your planned Website projects.


Webmaster, Allan Ing can be contacted by e-mail at:

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