Here is a brief description of the antiques displayed in The Collector's Gallery-

Item No. 1- Chun ware with purple marking on the side, Sung
     Dynasties, 960-1127 AD, $8,000.00 (U.S.A.).

Item No. 2- "Great Ching Chia Ch'ing" mark, Chia Ch'ing Period,
     1796-1820, $4,000.00.

Item No. 3- Red carved lacquer with dragons hat stand, Ching
     Dynasties, Ch'ien Lung Period, 1736-96, $6,000.00.

Item No. 4- Chicken born jade craved with dragon snuff bottle, no top,
     Ching Dynasties, ca 18th Century, $2,800.00.

Item No. 5- Yellow jade craved with dragon, Ching Dynasties, ca 18th
     Century, $6,000.00.

Item No. 6- Cloisonee' snuff bottle with original top, Ch'ien Lung mark
     and period, 1736-1796, $8,000.00.

Item No. 7- White jade cup with cover (Nephrite Jade), Moghul
     carved style, $5,000.00.

Item No. 8- Jadeite Jade snuff bottle, good green color, Ching
     Dynasties, ca 19th Century, $3,500.00.

Item No. 9- Porcelain saucer-dish, blue and overglaze coral red color
     bats designs, Ching Dynasties, Ch'ien Lung mark and period,
     1736-1796, $8,000.00.

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