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Penthouse Floor- The New York City VR Gallery

L:1 "Dance Club", CP, 1988, Amiga 1000, Deluxe Paint
L:2 "Mars Visitation", CP, 40"x51", 1989, Amiga 1000, Digipaint
L:3 "Post Industrial", CP, 47"x54", 1988, Amiga 1000, Deluxe Paint
L:4 "Bronx at Dusk", CP, 1989, Amiga 1000, mixed
L:5 "Street Beat", CP, 48"x72.5", 1987, Amiga 1000, Deluxe Paint

C:  "Manhattan Lights", CP, 52.5"x72", 1990, IBM AT, Lumena 16

R:1 "CyberRidge", CD, 1997, Pentium, Ray Dream 4
R:2 "CyberLove", CD, 1996, Mac fx, mixed
R:3 "Chips", CD, 1996, Mac fx, mixed
R:4 "American", CP, 1990, DOS, Animator
R:5 "Opening on Broadway", CP, 1991, IBM AT, Lumena 16

E:   "Interface", CP, 61"x47", 1989, IBM AT, Lumena 16

VIP Suite Exhibit Gallery

This special room accommodates transient exhibitions by invited distinguished international cyberartists that contribute fine arts to the Internet community.  Obviously there is no current exhibit if it is empty at the time that you visit the site. Upcoming or featured shows are announced in the museum lobby on the "What's New" signage next to the elevator.

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