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Floor Twenty-Two- The Madrid VR Gallery

L:1 "Signature Style", CP, 1990, IBM AT, Lumena 16
L:4 "Space Henge", CD, 1997, Pentium, Bryce2
L:5 "Prehistoric Mars", CD, 1997, Pentium, Bryce2

C:   "Night Life", CP, 48"x72", 1987, Amiga 1000, Deluxe Paint

R:1 "CyberAutumn Dusk", CD, 1994, Mac fx, mixed (software)
R:2 "Plasticism III", CD, 1996, Mac fx, mixed
R:3 "Disco Fever", CD, 1994, Mac fx, mixed
R:4 "Swan Dance", CD, 1996, Pentium, Goo
R:5 "CyberSpring", CD, 1996, Pentium, Fractal Painter 4/Corel Photo-Paint 5

E:   "Wheel of Fortune", CP, 1991, Amiga 1000, Deluxe Paint

Floor Twenty-Three- The Sidney VR Gallery

L:2 "Fleeting Thoughts", CP, 1991, Amiga 1000, Digipaint
L:3 "Templates", CP, 1992, DOS, mixed
L:4 "Pollock's Park", CP, 1991, DOS, mixed

C:   "Pacific Link", CP, 1990. IBM AT, Lumena 8

R:1 "Compositon III", CD, 1993, Mac fx, mixed
R:2 "Lair", CD, 1996, Pentium, Alchemy/mixed
R:3 "CyberFur", CD, 1996, Pentium, Corel Photo-Paint 5
R:4 "Forgotten Secrets", CD, 1997, Pentium, Ray Dream 4/Fractal Painter 4/mixed
R:5 "CyberSailing", CD, 1997, Pentium, Ray Dream 4 (Stereogram)

E: "CyberPortal", CD, 1997, Pentium, Bryce2

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