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Floor Four- The Rio de Janeiro VR Gallery

L:1 "CyberWeave I", CP, 1990, DOS, Animator
L:2 "CyberCode", CP, 1990, DOS, Animator
L:3 "CyberWeave III", CP, 1990, DOS, Animator
L:4 "Graphic Board", CP, 1990, DOS,. Animator

C:  "CyberCity", CP, 1990, DOS, Animator

R:1 "Virus", CD, 1996, Mac fx, mixed (software)
R:2 "Stepping Stone", 1997, CD, Pentium, Ray Dream 4
R:3 "Floating Point", CD, 1995, Mac fx, mixed
R:4 "Down Under", CD, 1997, Pentium, Ray Dream 4
R:5 "Digital Space", CD, 1996, Mac fx, mixed
R:6 "Calypso", CD, 1997, Pentium, Bryce2

E:   "Memory", CP, 1990, DOS (Arche Rival), Animator

Floor Five- The Mexico City VR Gallery

L:1 "Missing Links", CP, 47"x65", 1989, Amiga 1000, DeLuxe Paint
L:2 "Layerscape", CP, 1990, DOS , Animator
L:3 "CyberTorso", CP, 1987, Amiga 1000, mixed
L:4 "DigiSignals", CP, 1989, IBM AT, Lumina 16
L:5 "Hard Drive Sector II", CP, 1990, Amiga 1000, Digipaint

C: "For Dali", CP, 1991, DOS, mixed

R:1 "Public Dancer:, CP, 1989, Amiga 1000. Deluxe Paint
R:2 "T3", CP, 1993, DOS  (Arche Rival), mixed
R:3 "Internal Hard Drive", CP, 1990, DOS, mixed
R:4 "CyberPalms", CP, 1991, DOS, Animator
R:5 "Native Cyber", CP, 1988, Amiga 1000, Deluxe Paint

E:   "Mexico City", 1988, Amiga 1000, Deluxe Paint

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