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This commercial gallery extension of the museum offers fine arts and rare antiquities not limited to but including cyberart. Discriminating art collectors' purchase orders will be carefully fulfilled by our professional staff. Orders can be made by email, fax or snail mail. We don't want to rush the preparation, packing and shipping of your precious item(s) so expect 3-8 weeks for your item to arrive after we recieve you order. If you have email, however, you can expect a confirmation of your order as soon as we receive it. Reputation is everything in business and especially on the Internet so we at Pyogya Webmuseum protect and build our reputation of good and trustworthy customer service and timely product delivery.

Offered for inspection to the discrete collector are the following:

Digital Iris prints, on archival fine arts paper, limited edition signed and numbered by the artist Pyogya; image size approximately 6 inches by 8 inches on about 11"x14" paper. Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by the director of the museum. Selected cyberworks in the museum provide the imagery for these editions STRICTLY limited to a print edition of 100 plus 10 artist's proofs. Both cyberpaintings and cyberdigital selected  works on the museum's multi-floor exhibits are available as these IRIS prints. Documentation of buyers/owners of prints will be kept in the gallery records to promote the value of the works. No custom ordering  of  IRIS prints is available.

Woodcut digital prints, two different prints, experimentally done in 1989 and 1990. Both prints were done with design work on the Amiga 1000 using the program Deluxe Paint by Electronic Arts. The first, "Picasso's Bullfight", was done in 1989 and the second print, "Diamond Head Sunset", was completed in 1990. Also found here are experimental computer art hand pulled serigraphs by Pygoya in the 1980s. Designed with the primitive Amiga 1000, VERY vintage computer imagery in  fine art print form!

American (Amerivox) telephone or "phonecards" produced by Pyogya (a.k.a. Rodney Chang) in 1995. The set of six cards made national news through a review article in a prominent American phonecard magazine. It was reviewed and criticized as actual works of art instead of merely commercial phonecards. This was the appropriate approach for the review article since Pygoya had conceived of and produced with ARTISTIC INTENT that the cards are "fine arts prints on plastic that function as telephone cards". Consistent with such an a artistic declaration was limiting each plastic print edition to a mere 100 (no artist proofs made) and the individual  signing and numbering of each art print-card by the artist.

Rare antiques of Asia are displayed and available for acquisition. Arrangements have been made between the museum and Art Treasure Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii to offer these quality artifacts produced centuries ago. Interested collectors are referred directly to the director and expert of these antiquities. Credentials and authenticity certification through the worldwide support orgainization of collecting such rarities are of course provided by the gallery management. In such a business Art Treasure Gallery maintains an impeccable reputation that can be confirmed by referrals and past customers.

Original oil on canvas paintings depicting an artist's inner vision of the beauty of nature are offered by the renown Honolulu artist Phuong Tran. Last year the artist netted $20,000 through the sale of 6 works in a downtown gallery solo exhibition .  Two exhibits at the start of 1997 has resulted in another $22,000 of sales in Honolulu. Now through the Internet and only exclusively through Pygoya Webmuseum you have the opportunity to be introduced to his work and own them if desired. As you can see, the natural beauty of the "paradise" of Hawaii is influential in the artist's work.

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Special note about the original oil on canvas paintings used to produce the cyberpaintings in the museum exhibitions:

These works may become available to museums. Works will range from $1000 to $100,000 (U.S.A.). Special discounted pricing is available if the acquired work is for the museum's publicly displayed permanent exhibit and/or the museum wants to commit to a special show of the artist's works at their institution. Such an exhibit can be either digital ( install an Internet or online simulated viewing computer system in one of the museum rooms) or a group of selected works transported and hung in the museum as a specific site for a traveling international show . For the latter, a two year advance request for exhibiting is the minimum period necessary to plan for such an event. Pygoya or museum staff members of the Pygoya Webmuseum may be available to attend the opening reception and provide a lecture presentation on the works and cyberart on the Web.