the museum giftshop as been temporary closed and replaced with

Nov. 98 Grand Opening - Pygoya Webmuseum Collectibles
- our museum's gift shop
& souvenirs gallery in iCat Mall - you can return from the gift shop to this webmuseum site  by clicking on the "Web Site" icon there

For most visitors browsing a gift and souvenir shop is part of the total experience of going to an art museum. Here is the chance to take home a souvenir to reminisce one's trip to the museum. Or there is the opportunity to work on a gift list through the purchase of artistic and unique items. Our gift shop attempts to accomodate different "tastes" and provides a variety of items , not just cyber related art. Pricing is made affordable for the general public; items range from $5 (U.S.A.) to $75. For more expensive and rare collectibles depart to The Collector's Gallery suspended in the back of the museum. Here limited editions of signed and numbered Iris art prints of the cyberart displayed in the museum are available. Original oil paintings and rare Asian antiques are also on display and for sale. For the busy collector an alternative to navigating in VRML would be to take the teleport both ways, to and from the museum to Collector Gallery.

Here's what is available for purchase in the Gift Shop (You can use these convenient HTML links below or RETURN TO GIFT SHOP in VRML and select items using 3D vendor machines.

T-shirts of Pygoya Webmuseum

Phonecards of cyberart (Amerivox ,U.S.A. is the telephone carrier)

Postcards of Pygoya Webmuseum and its art collection; other variety

Commemorative "cyberstamps" of the museum's collection

Pygoyan milk caps for children and the young at heart

Representational  art of  our beautiful planet by Phuong Tran

Contemporary Chinese imagery by master woodcutter and painter Mingli Jiang of Hawaii

A variety of romantic, sentimental and feminine  art and craft at Katie's Gifts, created by an Oregonian artist

Signed  & numbered  photographic & color laser souvenir Pygoyan art prints

Posters on Pyogya/R.Chang art

Larry Lovett's watercolors- original art by Hawaii's original computer artist

So shop to your heart's content!  More items will be available in the Gift Shop in the future to keep the shop dynamic and interesting to repeat visitors.


CUSTOM PRINT ORDER- special order a signed, custom AP photographic print of ANY WORK OF ART exhibited in any of the museum's mult-floors galleries! Available only as signed "AP"s (Artist's Proof) photographic prints. All images are approximately 6"x4" , on quality glossy photographic paper and with a resolution (400dpi) superior to that viewed in these virtual reality (VRML) rooms. A certificate of authenticity is included. No color laser prints are available. The museum reserves the right to offer limited edition photographic or Iris prints of any work exhibited in the museum at a future date, even if requests for custom APs have previously been granted and fulfilled.


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