Cyberart or other contemporary kinds of art are available to the visitor as unique collectibles and memorabilia of their virtual museum visit or to be used as gifts.  Be cool and say you buy on the 'Net.

Besides the formal museum exhibition galleries there are two locations on the site complex in which to shop for a  potential acquistion.  There is the museum Gift Shop to satisfy the need for economically priced souvenirs of the museum visit, such as t-shirts, posters and custom photographic signed prints.  Keeping things simple, item order forms are posted from which printouts can provide a snail mail or fax order form. The option of calling in credit card information to make purchases via the telephone is also provided. At this time, to insure the protection of your credit card information, no online credit card transactions are possible on the site.

For the true art collector, off  the museum premises is a separate commerical Collector's Gallery.  Here the standard art market collectibles of Pygoya cyberart  imagery are offered as limited & signed editions of high end Iris prints.  Pygoya's original computer paintings on canvas may also later be available. Historic first computer graphics as actual woodcut prints and serigraphs are also displayed. Besides the abstract digital work of Pyogya , the Neo-Impressionistic Hawaiiana landscapes and stilllifes of master painter Tran Phuong are presented for collectors. Very good anquities from China of centuries ago are available through a working relationship between the museum and a local  Honolulu antique gallery.

If you are returning to the Web site just to shop again, bypass the VRML version to quickly get back to the items for sale. Simply stay in HTML and "go to" the Gift Shop or the Collector's Gallery via the Homepage's link to the "Abbreviated 2D Browser's Entry". Get acquainted and at ease scrolling from one "page" to the next of  the online art product catalog.  Call to acquire or use the convenient online order forms. The staff honors the trust you have in making purchases on the Internet and we promise to preserve that trust you have with the museum  through integrity and honesty in all transactions.

Consider the option of using The Browser's Guidebook  as a hardcopy or online reference to the items available at this site. Share the site's URL that is printed on the cover with others so they too  may discover Cyberart.

Here are some sample items available in the Gift Shop and Collector's Gallery (for actual item order information you must enter into Gift Shop and/or Collector's Gallery)-

Gift Shop Sample Items

Collector's Gallery Sample Collectibles