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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Assembly" (1988)  is a cyberpainting exhibited in The Seoul Gallery of the museum. It is rendered for cyberspace from an original oil on canvas painting, about 6 feet by eleven feet in size. The painting was created through replicating the pixels of an image done with the Amiga 1000 with Deluxe Paint (by Electronic Arts)  software. It took 15 minutes to complete the electronic image but one and a half years to "hardcopy" it as a 'paintout', an oil on canvas work of art, faithfully reproducing over 200,000 pixels as 4 millimeter squares painted on the canvas. The painting took all of 1988 to be rendered to completion. The artist who collaborated with Pygoya took on the project as a challenge to her patience and perseverence as an artist, besides becoming enthralled in the concept of faithfully "painting out" an electronic image to canvas.  Today, having now earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree, she is on the faculty of a state university's College of Fine Arts.

See artist's personal diary entry on this painting, dated 1988