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Alternative Virtual Biennial

Apparitions Welcome Page

Artexpo -- Advanstar Expositions

Electronic Exhibitions

F U T U R E l e s s F U T U R E

Interactive Media Festival

Virtual Exhibits on the World Wide Web -Pygoya's home on the Web - the cyberartist's private art studio that is open to the public virtually all the time

Pygoya's Web cyberart collaboration invitation at his Pygoyan Townhouse, a virtual home away from home - Hawaii Computer Art Society - Pygoya had the great fortune to be an understudy of the great Chicago artist, Ben Mahmoud

Art on the Net


Microsoft Image 3D (Wavefront)

Space Colonies (3D)

YLEM (Art & Technology)

Art Planet: The Internet Fine Art Directory

Art Section of the Buzzard's Virtual

AT&T WorldNet Service - [I-way 500 - Fall '96 - Arts

FineArt Forum Resource Directory

OTIS home page

Virtual Library: Art

Women Artists Archive

World Wide Arts Resources

Recommended Computer & Internet History Sites - the Obsolute Computer Museum of bygone personal computers - The History of Apple Computer - History of Computers - Little History of the the World Wide Web - History of the Internet and WWW - Computer Museum