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LadyHawk's Digital Art Galleries- Website gallery of cyberartist Elizabeth Best Konogeris, our Webmuseum Cybercolony Association Coordinator and newsletter editor

The Starving Artist Homepage -Dennis Carney, Sr., advisory committee member of and major contributor of animations for Webmuseum Theater

R2001 Gallery - of the Renaissance 2001 WebRing; Pygoya, member of the ring, designed & constructed R2001's vrml 4-Corners Gallery, February 1998; consists of 4 gallery buildings exhibiting 18 works by members from around the world

Lighthome of Munich- ShopArt art group; contributor of animations for Webmuseum Theater from Germany

Hawaii Computer Art Society, founded in 1989 at Soho too Gallery, Honolulu, 1989.  Even though Pygoya "resides" in on the Web, it's  great to "belong" to a tangible real world group of art colleagues.  When the artist particates in group exhibits around Honolulu there's a sense of "homecoming," for the moment rekindled  computer artists kinship and their  educational mission of familiarizing  the public with computer art (as differentiated from the objectives of the cyberartist). HCAS is proud to have invited nationally reknown computer artists to exhibit in its "Annual Hawaiian Computer Art Exhibition", including Laurence Gartel, Joan Truckenbrod,  James Dowlen, John Dunn, Daria Barclay, Emily Young, Roz Dimon and Larry Lovett.

Bereavement and Hospice Support Netline -resource directory includes information on our
Mausoleum Art Museum for ALL deceased artists, no matter what level of success achieved in life.

CultureShock, Seattle based programming whizzes creating Amiga plug ins and other innovative products for the Internet

Talk City- established a chat room for

Xeero -where Ambit Designs tries out new multimedia

The New Collective Gallery of Computer Generated Art- exhibits some of Pygoya's works

3D-RING networked digital sites; includes our Space Art Gallery and Pygoya's Recent Works Gallery

Felince Fancier's Homepage - great for sending free greeting cards online! - a sponsor of our Web site; stock photography

Postoffice_1 - display's cyberstamps including Pygoya's

Cyberart-Estonian server that has "Cyberart" gallery that includes work by Pygoya

Artists of the Web Ring


Eclectic Artists' Society ring

HTML Writer's Guild


RINGS - networked sites for browsers by topic or site content

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