One response - the Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu

June 15, 2006


Dear Dr. Chang,

Thank you so much for your e-mail and the links to your website.  While I sympathize with your situation, I afraid we have major storage issues here at the Museum which severely restrict our acceptance of donations.

Please excuse me if I am suggesting actions you have already taken, but perhaps you could contact the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the Hawaii State Art Museum, or the Koa Gallery, Kapiolani Community College.  Another option would be to contact an auction house such as McClains in Honolulu to see if they could help you derive some income from the auction of certain works.

My heartfelt thanks to you, and every wish for a bright future to you and your family.

Georgianna Lagoria

Dear Dr. Chang,

I would also like to add my regrets to Georgi's that The Contemporary Museum
is not in a position to act on your offer at this time.  The timing is
unfortunate for us because, as she mentioned, TCM has some significant
storage problems to resolve.  We are working on this and a new and larger
storage area for the museum's collection is included in the our master plan
for our upcoming expansion.  However, this facility will not be available
until spring 2008.

I add my encouragement to you to contact the other organizations which
Georgi suggested, if you have not already done so.  Also, rather than
destroy the works, I think it would be better to offer them at public
auction (e.g. through McClain's) and let them go for whatever they may
bring.  It won't net you a lot, but at least the works will still survive
out in the world, appreciated by someone, than decay in a landfill and be
lost forever.  Even if the auction couldn't take place before the end of the
month, which is likely, they could perhaps pick up and store the works on
their premises until an auction can be organized.

Good luck.



James Jensen
Associate Director/Chief Curator
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu
2411 Makiki Heights Drive
Honolulu, HI 96822


Dear Georgi,
Your letter as well as Dr. Jensen's, revise my reaction to my art's circumstantial crisis. The deed has been done :=(  . An artist's friend said I should have tried "911" and threaten "suicide" or "Save the Paintings" (I keep hearing "whales" in my inner ear). But for you of our honorable contemporary museum to even reply is very meaningful to this long time (unrecognized) artist. Thank you. Of course no other institution or our political leaders bothered to reply.  Having been part of this state's arts community ( a tax payer as working dentist), I gave up hope long ago (hence storing the large "museum sized" works) and ventured to Oregon, Maine, now New Mexico, to relocate, once I could afford to retire from dentistry. For you both to at least, as museum leaders, state the works were worth saving (if not collecting or exhibiting) is enough.
150 paintings has been disposed of ( I see visions of carcasses - I AM an Expressionist) lying in a heap in the broiling sun today), but my wife permitted me to at least spare 20 for the garage (I had to jury wisely!) - once she tidies up her 'stuff' to make some room for my surviving works to be bed partners.
I did SAVE the 225,000 painted pixel mural and THE FLAG! It was not without bitter argument with her because of their size, doom for the other huge works over 7' having nothing to do with quality! Including the 8x10' that was juried into a national show in Dallas, TX back in '90.
As you are both immersed in the arts and know the artist personality quite well, I humbly let you into my personal aftermath-
Thank you for your compassion and time to review and respond.
Dr. Rodney Chang or the artist "Pygoya"




Another response - June 16th 2:24 p.m.

Subject: Fw:offer of free paintings(s) to the museum


Dear Dr. Chang,

Thank you for your inquiry. Please see and complete the attached form on Gift Procedures for Art, if you wish to have your artwork considered for donation to the State Art Collection which is managed by the Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts - Art in Public Places Program.

Ken Hamilton


Ken D. Hamilton, Public Information Officer
Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
250 South Hotel Street, 2nd Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813
Email:, Website:
Phone: (808) 586-0307, Fax: (808) 586-0308

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Fw: offer of free painting(s) to the museum

Dear Governor Lingle,
I have amassed 150+ paintings over 20 years, not been able to sell, and can no longer remain the patron for the inventory. It is scheduled for the city dump.
I hope you can see value in this local citizen's efforts for cultural excellence and contribution to the Information Age and Internet cyber-culture.
Please help.
At wits end and can no longer shoulder the cultural burden because of family,
Dr. Rodney Chang