"Off  With Their Heads"


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on Monday, December 13th, walter king said

Bravo Michael!

on Monday, December 13th, Michael P. Ammel said

hi, The "off with their heads" might already say something to the reader and probably more to the former members of webism. Sounds all very defensive. I ask myself why? The endless and ego-driven monologs of the websim founders are once again demonstrated perfectly. Chapeau!!!

I love art, people, diversity, the net, communication and last but not least democracy. It is democracy that allows us to communicate here, hope you don't forget this.. The net is probably the most democratic invention of the last century. It is a self-organizing network, with notes, but without leaders or guiding gurus. I hope it will stay that way. Saying democracy is to complex and to demanding sound very strange, I hope not just to me. Open forums, free voting and speech are the essence of the internet. An organization named "webism" should naturally live and understand these principals.

greetings from France, Michael

on Friday, December 10th, Pygoya said

Yes, Karin, your comment, "artists who left the group are those who organized impressive exhibitions for the Webists" is correct. But it should not suggest those who choose to remain are not also wonderful artists who also have or will also mount impressive exhibitions. All Webists in my book are WINNERS. And Satoshi, what an inspirational quote from the Bible stating the worth of "gathering together," "encouraging" each other," for "inciting... fine works." Personally who cares who takes credit for what and under who's roof. Yes, Satoshi, the group also gives me a sense of belong to a family and eliminates my spiritual sense of artistic e-isolation.

The art takes on a life of its own and that's the most important thing to me.

on Friday, December 10th, Satoshi Matsuyama said

Aloooooha Pygoya,
a founder of World Wide WEBISTS !!!
I'm working alone with my Mac through 4:30 am to 9:00 pm everyday and with no Sunday, for my one and only art.
There are so much things, sad or happy, in 2004, but those have been happened only on my Mac.
Nobody understand what I'm doing in my computer-set surround me.
And nobody understand that I feel alone everyday.
But I've been encouraged by you Pygoya and Ingrid at this point of view.
Thank you Webists all around the world.
We're not alone now.
So the bible says : "And let us consider one another to incite to love and fine works, (25) not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together, as some have the custom, but encouraging one another, and all the more so as you behold the day drawing near." (Hebrews 10:24, 25)

Love, peace and happiness.....blessing.
Satoshi Matsuyama

on Friday, December 10th, Karin Kuhlmann said

it was NOT the coaching of Pygoya that enabled them to such a success. It was the talent and the reputation of theirselves (you and Pygoya are always looking for such promising persons) to start or continue their efforts.

on Friday, December 10th, Ingrid Kamerbeek said

Good you started thinking.
Go even one step further then it might come to your mind why they were able to do this-:)
Read Pygoya's text again.

on Friday, December 10th, Karin Kuhlmann said

It makes me thoughtful that the artists who left the group are those who organized impressive exhibitions for the Webists.

on Friday, December 10th, Brad Michael Moore said

Maybe folk tire of following another's system of belief. Why follow a movement at all when you can be an individual and still piggy-back-ride along the trails and jalopies of others or, what if others don't follow you because you are misunderstood or, maybe others just find it more "Natural" to make their own boulevard. Why we decide which is the road we should be taking is our own business, but to all - season's greetings and best of luck in the new year. I've seen a lot of good in 2004. May 2005 show us all where even greener pastures grow.



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