Press Release in New York City for "The Noho Series" exhibition at Nishi Noho Gallery, New York, NY, 1987

Rodney Chang: Computer Artist

Touching New York From Hawaii With Art



Dr. Rodney Chang is emerging as an important artist that elevates computer graphics to the grand stature of high art. With a twenty year background in the visual arts and an eclectic approach to life, it is natural for Chang to tackle the computer as another medium for his mixed media experimentations in art.

"The Noho Series" computer paintings is a landmark in the artist's evolution and career. Through the collaborative efforts of Hawaii Computer Art Group (HCAG) of which he is the founder, Chang transforms the emitted electronic image into original, if not also historical, high tech works of art that emanate his expression of self and with the soul of paints. The artist dreams of a major international exhibition in 2001 and thereby remains inspired and engaged in intensive production of works to fulfill such an ambition at the turn of the century. Besides computer painting, some of which demonstrate his aesthetic theory of "Pixelism," the artist translates the monitor image into limited edition prints and photographs.

Dr. Chang is also known as "Disco Doc" for initiating a discotheque "art installation and environment" in his dental office in 1979. This humanizing of the fear provoking dental clinic reaped the artist-dentist extensive national television exposure of his unique brand of creativity. This successful project is a mere demonstration of his self-directed holistic approach to life education, as indicated by his holding of ten college degrees, the most earned by an individual in the world. These titles include M.A.s in painting and psychology, the D.D.S. in dentistry and a Ph.D. in art psychology. The artist proves that such a broad substrate of knowledge enables him to be freely diverse in artistic process and development, so timely in today's cultural climate of pluralism and during the Post-Modernism period of art.

To help encourage experimental art in his isolated island community, Chang has founded and directs Honolulu's alternative space, SOHO too Gallery & Loft, located in a graffiti covered inner city warehouse.

Chang has exhibited widely, including shows in Hawaii, California, Chicago and New York, and has been granted a retrospective exhibition of his works from 1967-87 at Ramsey Museum in Honolulu. He has been invited by the People's Republic of China to produce that nation's first historic one-man computer art exhibition in three major cities, including the prestigious Shanghai Art Museum. New Computer Art, a catalog that documents his work and this major exhibition, will include 100 color plates and be available in 1988.