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Personal Notes of Dr. Rodney Chang, August 19, 1999


1. New York real estate venture - ideal: duplex with separate entrances and tax categories- one commercial gallery space, the other adjacent as second home for Pgyoya with tennants/gallery staff space

2. Written contracts by NY lawyer for relationship between artists and gallery/web site - for example probable exclusive on sales of displayed works on and offline within gallery.

3. "Border to Border Online Gallery Network"- banner club among member online galleries, such as between and Arts of Paradise Gallery at

4. Probe possible arrangements between and print companies, such as

5. Rotating Hawaii partners to spend actual time at New York Net Gallery, possibly include Katy Sabo, Larry Lovett, Pygoya, Vernelle Ing

6. Investigate interest in representation and promotions for NYNetGallery and with New York based artists, such as Jill Alexander, Roz Dimon, Denise Ruzich

7. Research connection link between Pygoya display on and artist's page at to promote sales at for the artist (and MauiGiclee)

8. Contract by lawyer on vested interests of startup parties for and the eventual gallery

9. Set up checking account in New York for partner in New York

10. Need logo for gallery and site

11. Start designing/building Web site at, later transfer unto when available

12. Consider getting many photographs of inner city scenes and buildings of NYC to set environment for Web site

13. Use frames for Web design, NY style music background -get feedback what's cool in music for NYorkers

14. Design Web site flow like an art catalog; minimize lengthy text

15. Basic supportive Web pages per artists: "About Artist", optionals- "Artist's Studio", "Artist's Digs"

16. No direct contact between artists and Web site; consider running all email leads/interest through partner in New York (gallery director) who is go-between between site and artist's inventory of works for sale.

17. After negotiations and sales closing, artist or gallery responsible for shipping or delivery to buyer

18. Once a year "Paradise Exotica Show" at NYNetGallery for selected Hawaii artists; develop networking within New York of Hawaii residential transplants and Hawaii art lovers in that city; rent space to a single Hawaii artist who desires that once-in-a-lifetime New York show

19. Possible have featured shows, charge rent for the space; need legal contract - rent, liabilities, comissions, etc.

20. Advertise via mouth, attend gallery circle/parties, cousin/lawyer/art collector circle of friends and opening invitations, business card and brochure, build mailing list - online emails and direct contacts, visit other galleries/look for artists

21. Use to make sales, direct traffic to

22. Develop image of Dr. Rodney Chang as New York gallery owner open to reviewing local Hawaii art for postential exhibit in NYC space

23. Possible sectioned Hawaii themed art exhibit at New York Net Gallery, including rack of contemporary Aloha shirts and antique Aloha shirts (1940-60's)

24. After New York biz establishment, consider stopover points for long journey between HI and NY, like Las Vegas. Build possible arrangement with Las Vegas Art Museum and small LV property with my artwork.

25. Consider moving all computer paintings to New York (and possibly LV).

26. Design to be easily printed out as published art catalog

27. Encourage niece in New York to take course in Art History, Art Marketing, Basic Internet; get email/computer

28. Develop pipeline flow between NYNetGallery,,,, and

29. Rack of signed artists' postcards in NYNetGallery in NY and in Arts of Paradise Gallery, Honolulu

30. Percent of sales goes into NYNetGallery's investment portfolio to build capital

31. If successful in building startup small residential gallery in NY, eventually move to street level larger space in galleries' map route for collectors

32. Eventually get dental associate in Dr. Chang's Honolulu practice so Pygoya can have longer stays in New York to assist in operating and promoting the gallery

33. Advertise with NYArts Magazine; contact: Yola Witta

34. Later India's artist may have exposure in NYNetGallery for assisting Pygoyan digital art to be shown in India back in 1999

35. Ideal director for start up includes Larry Lovett, MSED, Columbia University, NYC

36. Possibly rep some work of former Professor of art at NIU of Pygoya - Ben Mahmoud, MFA, now full time artist in Chicago area

37. Build list of artists interested in representation

38. Besides traditional exhibit space, maybe a darkened/curtained/black walls room full of computers linked to and - interactive, multimedia, big screen...

39. Possibly studio space in NY for Pygoya and other artists

40. Potentially Chang's kids go to college in New York City, study technology, ecommerce, international marketing & management and whatever else they are personally interested in

41. Online Giclee references - Iris/Giclee PrintmakingMore on Giclee Printing;   International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers - IAFADP