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Just sitting in front of 'To Russia With Love.'
I was feeling the same emotion as I experienced, about 10 years ago, when I
stood in front of my first real Titian (Reubens and the Renaissance
exhibition came to Australia) -
Stargazer_1, Australia, 1999

I will be adding a web page onto my site interviewing
PIONEERS of this Medium who I think have made the difference. - You're

one of them ! 
LAURENCE GARTEL, world famous computer artist, 2000

Pygoya...! Your work is breathtaking! My gosh, it gives rise to much thought and an
overwhelming sense of awe, appreciation, and admiration for all you are
doing, both creatively and conceptually. Thank you so much for giving us
the opportunity to get better acquainted with you, your work, and the
surrounding universe.
Amy Stone, Museum of Web Art

Pygoya's work is magical
Serge Clapa, Webmaster, Fringe Gallery

Your work is soooooo beautiful.
I really love one in particular on that site,
the one with the reflections in the water.
Superb!!! Magical !!!!! -
Linda Martin, Oct 99

(Pygoya) Again I would like to thank you very much for exhibiting with us at CWB,
your work was a real diamond during the exhibition time.
My very, very best wishes,

-Yola Wita, Curator, CWB
The Country Without  Borders - 450 Broadway Gallery, New York City (1998)

Art meets life!
Pygoya's look is brilliant, fluid spectral color flowing through abstract inner (and outer) spaces.
Dream-like and subtle figures appear and disappear. A soft crepuscular light infuses these
inner landscapes with mystery and imagination. They are self-luminous, self-transforming
and ever changing. Old meets new. East meets West. Molecules meet electrons. The past meets
the future as Art meets Life!  -
Larry Lovett, M.S.Ed, Columbia University, NYC, NY - August 1999

I have just set foot into cyberspace, and I see, Pygoya, that you are well
and truly out there, leading the way. You have my admiration, not only
as a gifted artist, but, remembering my art history lessons, you are up
there with, probably even surpassed, those who dared, long ago.
You are an inspiration. 
- Stargazer_101, Australia - August 1999

I am going through exhibits in lastplace now...
and I have come across "To Russia with Love".
Like Linda Martin writes, it's truly a masterpiece.
The colours of Russian folk tales and illustrations
bursting out of a fairyland called Mother Russia --- I
can almost see them all there: the Bears, Baba Yaga,
young Ivan, and the rest. Kandinsky couldn't have done
Shubhojoy Mitra, Calcutta, India October 1999


Thank you for the wonderful evening!!!! I've spent the whole evening on your 
great website. I couldn't believe my eyes. You must be energy pure! I love your 
art and energy - please beam a little bit to me. You are on my frontpages now 
(English and German one). Have a look under "Extratipps".

Nice to have found someone who also loves George. You were the George of the band. That's great - then you are "my George" now. But can you play the guitar like he did? Yes, please put in parenthesis, "He is Gone" (created in tribute to the Late George Harrison of the Beatles). That's a very good idea!

I'm so happy that you like my image! It would be really great if you'll become the curator of this project for a permanent yearly show. I hope it will be so!
(East Hawaii Cultural Center's 1st International Cyberart Exhibition)

Have a nice week - your fan Ingrid, Germany (IuTKamerbeek)
17 Dec 2001 12:07:45 +0100