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Art Museums (see bottom)

The Andy Warhol Museum
located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA features extensive permanent collections of art and
archives. Temporary exhibitions, which may include the work of other artists, are presented
on a regular basis.
Akseli Gallen-Kallela Museum
A art museum in Finland curently showing works by ArtNoir and Kohtaamisia Tarvaspaassa.
The Brooklyn Museum of Art
located in New York, is one of the largest art institutions in the United States, with collections
in Ancient Egyptian art and American Painting & Sculpture that are considered among the
world's finest. One of the premier art institutions in the world, its permanent collection includes
more than one and a half million objects and represents almost every culture.
The Columbia Museum of Art
located in Columbia, South Carolina features works from the ancient Mediterranean to the
Renaissance and Baroque. They also feature American and European works from the 18th,
19th and 20th centuries.
Ho-Am Art Museum
has approximaly 200 pieces of Korean art on display, owned by Ho-Am Art Museum, the
largest private museum in Aisa. We are continuly loading more items for the viewers and you
can shop sourveniers directly by internet.
Internet Arts Museum for Free
Propelled by the belief that music, art and literature have become vacuous, disposable,
commercial entities and that the age of technology as an important center of enlightenment is
now, Artists for Revolution through Technology on the Internet present the first exclusively
on-line music, art and literature museum.
Krannert Art Museum
in Champaign, Illinois (USA)
Le Louvre
in Paris France.
is a index of galleries and museums and lists exhibitions in Scandinavia.
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
of Tokyo, Japan is presenting an Internet art show called "Art on the Net". (of course not to
be confused with our site "Art on the Net" here at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
located in New York, NY has an oustanding new website that gives a virtual tour of the
museum and much more. Definately a site to see!
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
presents their art collections and exhibits. Here youe will find works created by artists from
the beginning of time as well as artists from the greatest world cultures.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
presents their art collections and exhibits. The site is really well done and gives a sense of the
essence of this place.
The National Museum of American Art
of the Smithsonian Institution is the first federal art collection in the United States. The
museum's history spans more than 160 years, beginning as a private collection in Washington,
D.C., and predating the founding of the Smithsonian itself in 1846.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
located in Pennsylvania, USA has an impressive site that shows some of the works now
exhibiting in their galleries.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
is a juried exhibition and sale of contemporary crafts by 185 craft artists in the USA.
is a beautiful exhibition space in Malmo, Sweden and is a center for contempary art.
University of California Museum of Paleontology
Webmuseum Cybercolony
Online museums dedicated to contributing Cyberart, or digital art made for experiencing on
the Internet. From "computer art" to "digital art" to "post-modern digital art" to "Cyberart"
(Webism), the goal is create art that acculturates by establishing an indigenous art for/from
online Cyberculture.