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Pygoya Webmuseum - lifeworks of Pygoya, Cyberartist

Rave Webmuseum-an international permanent collection

O' Carney Webmuseum Theater - fine arts animation for the Web

Cyberculture Art Museum - the Web as subject matter

Mausoleum Art Museum -all deceased artists welcomed

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Special EXPRESS BUS No. 2 - go on a shopping tour to
Pygoya Webmuseum Collectibles, our online museum gift shop and
commerical gallery in  iCat virtual shopping mall (based in Seattle, WA)

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A few weeks ago I fell thru the looking glass and woke up in
CyberArtLand. Each day, since then, I have ventured, as a virtual
tourist, thru Lastplace, finding new discoveries around every
corner. The picture is beginning to emerge for me, of how, more
than a decade ago, you accepted the challenge of this new
frontier, and stretched and pushed at the boundaries, opening up a
way for others, like myself, to follow. Your historical documentation
of those events are a most valuable inspiration. Thank you, Rodney.

Linda Martin, Australia - September 1999

Added October 10, 2008 -
brick n' mortar digital arts gallery in Downtown, Honolulu, Hawaii