Dear Michele Van Hessen, (East Oahu Sun Press, June 3, 2007)
I am a East Oahu Sun recipient since I have a Kahala address. So I hope my request for some coverage of my new novel is done to share with the community.
I write to you of the staff cause I spotted your article, "Space Tourism: The Next Frontier."
I am a Sc Fi writer and my novel, "Roswell Encounter Gallery" is now available at  Since I am a startup writer and self publish, it's not yet on any retail bookshelves but I hope, like any other author.
In the meantime copies will be presented to Hollywood screenwriters and producers that are friends of a friend. Laurence Gartel, top digital artist of the world, plans to open a real such UFO gallery in Roswell with me.  His works are collected by the Hollywood crowd.  I may have to leave my family in East Oahu.
I leave for book signings in Roswell July 5-8th,  for the highly promoted UFO Festival to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the "Roswell Incident" of '47.  My book is being reviewed for the Roswell Daily Record, still in business after headlining in '47 that a Flying Saucer had crashed outside of Roswell.
My story of fiction plays with this American myth.  I say "they" crashed on purpose.  The book updates the tale with the climax of a second coming, on July 4, 2007.  So I should be there - just in case!  I'm writing a sequel now.
I think it would be a good tie-in to Hawaii's effort to build a space culture identity. So the few local Sci Fi writers like me should be profiled.  Hey, the book could make it to the big silver screen. Having Gartel, who's works are collected by well-heeled fans, now working on his Roswell Alien Fetishes art series, as partner and co-exhibitor for our new gallery planned, can't help but help.  As for my own digital efforts, known around the world as the work of Webism founder "Pygoya," it's been a 20 year flop here.  So as I approach retiring from dental practice in a few years, sad to say, I may have to move from Hawaii and join the UFO tourist market in desert town called Roswell.  I'd rather stay and lie on the beach, but once I'm called up -
If you personally have no interest, please pass on to any other who has interests in Space, UFOs (I have a photo of one in Aina Haina valley - Nov 05), aliens, and world class abstract digital art (Gartel is juror for a juried digital art exhibition and I'm invited to participate; I can never make the cut for the "Artists of Hawaii" at the H. Acad.Arts).
Here's a bit about it, my art, and me.
(You look to young to remember but I'm the old Disco Dentist of '79-85 with a disco reception area in Kalihi)
To pique anybody interest here locally, I'm looking foward to meeting Dr. Don Burleson at the festival. He's scheduled to speak about his controversial book-
Who in the press wouldn't like to interview me so I can tell how my novel ties in to Monroe and a personal experience while processing imagery on the computer - that is haunting!  It's used in the book as a fictious character's experience but has a base in my personal life experience.
If you want to contact Laurence Gartel about his Alien Fetish work, I can provide you his email.  He travels regularly among NYC, LA, and Miami.
Rodney Chang, MA, MSEd, DDS, PhD
Resident of East Oahu