The Market Place, Bangor


note from a friend-

That postcard shows the heart of old downtown Bangor . This is where the teenagers hang out with their skateboards nowadays, I have read. One of the buildings shown is now the Phoenix House, a nicely fixed-up hotel.  Just out of the picture to the left is the Grasshopper Shop, which sells a variety of gifts, etc. and has been in business for years. Our family shops there for birthday presents. 

  It is a rather good cultural location, I think, in the middle of what used to be bustling downtown Bangor . Now the bustling is at the Bangor Mall, miles away, but downtown is on the upswing too, I think. A block away from the picture is the Children’s museum, which occupies the big former Freese’s department store; another block away is the Bangor House, a former hotel; now a senior citizens’ housing place.  The “square” shown (actually a triangle) now has a fountain, I think.