Lucky Moments or Miracles of my life

Rodney Pygoya Chang, February 25, 2007


1. Falling 40 feet on jagged rocks and survive - and without fractures (Makapu cliffs, Hawaii)

2. Barrel through a busy 4-way  intersection, coming down a steep downhill in a old VW bug with failed brakes

3. Getting called by the Army to active duty in 1973 and not getting sent to Vietnam

4. Getting hit hard in the back of the head by a line drive baseball and not have a skull fracture

5.  Feeling my deceased (2 days after her passing) mother's hand holding mine as I slept, wake up with a sister's name in my mind, go to my sister the next morning and find her emotionally distraught.  Long story short, my trip alleviated her anguish over unfinished business with mother.

6. When working as a  metal sculptor, suggestion by a friend to check out a digital graphic system led to a change of media from 1985 to the present.

7. Sending a press release to Hollywood after I converted my dental clinic waiting area into a discotheque led to my office's national exposure and my dream to disco on national television

8. Get stuck playing the accordion to avoid taking Chinese language lessons and end up playing it in the top state rock n' roll band in 1965 ("Battle of the Bands, Blaisdell Concert Center, Honolulu - sold out 9000 seats, 175 bands from all islands in the competition)

9. Befriend a Chinese artist who had connections high up that landed me a solo exhibition, the first computer art exhibit in all of China, at the Shanghai Art Museum in 1988.

10.Secure the Internet name "last place".com (when lst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Fifth were taken) that keeps the site in the top 10% globally from 1997 till the present.

11. Remember the name "Pygoya" in a dream over ten years ago and use it as my artist's online (and offline) name.

12. Lose my custom designed dream house at the bottom of the real estate market (mid-nineties) and find an under priced property in KAHALA, against the recommendation of my realtor because of the condition.  The Honolulu market has since corrected.