The Pygoyan India Series

by Larry Lovett, MSEd

The 1st India International Digital Art Exhibition was held

11-17, 1999 in Calcutta, India



This historic first computer art exhibition featured the work of Pygoya,   whose 12 digital paintings comprise a group of related works.

"Shuchismita's Wedding"is bright and distinct with a sense of zero gravity! No reference is made to the mundane, photo-realistic, snap-shot world. This is not about "The World"! This is about the inexpressible, irrepressible, longings of the human soul.These are snap-shots of the inner eye as it visualizes the contents of the mind.

"Bronze Work Cyberspace" is the second in the series. Here we see an industrial nightmare juxtaposed with pre-Columbian art to create an inner landscape of mystery and imagination where Godzilla might feel more at home then would the family dog! The artists effortlessly blends into one cohesive image elements from diverse times and places to electronically create an interior landscape that exists nowhere else!

"Cyber Lullaby" is a floral abstraction cast in platinum and sprayed with fluorescent translucent colors!!! What a beautiful sight this one is, just like a Polynesian jungle in the moonlight as seen by a grasshopper!

"Madame in White" is as ghostly and pale as the others ones are blazingly bright. This image is filled with classical overtones and historical references. Soft and evanescent light suffuses the scene with a mystical quality.

"Cyber-space in November" is a Medieval looking scene if ever there was one. From a distance it looks like a battle scene by Paulo Uccello or a drunken harvest scene by Peter Bruegel the Elder. The play of light and shadow enhances the feeling of motion and merriment. This could easily be a time lapse image of the Millenium parties that are soon the be held worldwide!

"Cyberart Dungeon"- Aptly titled, this piece is gloomy and depressing. Almost solid darkness prevails. An impenetrable image of the most obscure sort. Let's hope that the artist survived!

"Cybermarket Place"-This has the feel of early European abstract art. Kandinsky and Klee come to mind as well as Miro. Looking deeper I sense a shadowy figure on horseback emerging from the mist.

"Enchanted Forest" has a gem-like quality, with a soft inner glow as well as lots of reflective surfaces that shine and sparkle in the cool moonlight. The surfaces are so old and worn looking!

"CyberSpace in October"- This one belongs with the other dark and obscure images.Thick and impenetrable atmosphere shrouds rock-like surfaces. Nothing is moving or breathing, here is the dead of night and no one is awake!

"Messenger" holds more promise for a bright tomorrow than the preceding two images do. Here we see am large verdant cyberscape with a beanstalk growing in the foreground! By this device the artist connects heaven and earth in one instant! Quite a miraculous happening in any medium. This is a Botticelli-like abstract with springtime in the air and angels in the wings.

"Cyber-Goat"-another in the series of nightmarish images.Here we encounter a skeletal goat who looks like he's on his last legs. Hardly a cheery note on which to bid goodbye to the old. But, why not if this is what the past really is? Maybe its just an old goat! In which case we can happily release the past and look forward to a much improved tomorrow (free from dead goats!).

"eCalcutta" - Oh, Calcutta! Ancient cities have a life all their own. Calcutta is such a city. Packed solid with the souls of millions upon millions. A bee-hive of human activity. Never sleeping, never resting, pulsing and throbbing with life! Humanity at its most diverse; geographically unified! This is the beginning and the end of the world all in one vision!