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KuHurbox - many art site links

DASART- group of South African artists including digital art; group founded around 1993

Lighthome ECOSSE'- Scotland's Homepage for the Visual Arts

The Art Institute of Houston - offers among other professional fields, computer graphics, media and animation Associate degrees for the Houston, Texas area; first students to exhibit in the Art College Gallery of the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart, 1998

The J. Paul Getty Museum- The Digital Experience

Creative Madness - group of digital artists

Ars Electronica - Linz, Austria, Directors' Statements

The Tiny Four Room Gallery - works of the late great pop art master Roy Lichtenstein

Musee' Psyche-conceptual art ideas from Japan, including some digital art

Art Deco Society, Auckland


Women Artists in History

Gallery For The Digital Arts

Doors of Perception - site of Amsterdam organization that studies e-culture

Web Site Awards - enter your site for a Webby Award!

AGlobal Canvas - Fine Art Sites

Scultura Arts Forum Best Art Sites

Virtual TART - New   Zealand artists

WABA - French, breast feeding art,  member site of World Alliance for Breast Feeding

ICC - digital museum in Japan; publishes Intercommunication Magazine

Complimentary Gallery

Iniva Online-London's Institute of International Visual Arts; includes digital artists' works

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum-collection of Ranaissance paintings in Boston

Harvard Square Art Gallery - small online gallery from Boston, MA; includes work by Ben Mahmoud of Illinois; also section on art competitions and opportunities for exhibition

Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe

Nettime - Web archives on Electronic art & Culture - a collection of artistic exploration of how the Web works

Art Map:Homepage

Ojai Digital Arts Center in Ojai, CA, a southern California town that is a tourist mecca

Derek's Cyberart Site

Cyberart 2000 - by Nico Princely; includes "cyber erotic" images and adult material links

Algorists - Charles Csuri, Helaman Ferguson, Jean-Pierre Hebert, Manfred Mohr, Ken Musgrave, Roman Verostko

Kenny & Ruth Artwork Pages

Watertown   Virtual Museum by Nick Vogel and Bob Logan

VGCC Online Library - Fine Arts- art site links

Howard's Online Art Gallery digital art - lots of art links

Walker Art Center - Minneapolis, MN

Webby Awards, The

Digital Arts Consulting & Humanities-Interact

Maryland Institute College of Art - Digital Art

Digital Art Collections - Greek Art and Architecture

Puniho Art - New Zealand artists

Land of the Lost - Digital Art Gallery

Arcimboldo Award for Digital Creation

Maryland Institute, College of Art

American Showcase

State of Decay

Digital Directions


Webstock Cyberculture Experience

Foundation for Digital Culture

Digital Altar

International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences

Solid Mong Digital Arts

LoveBytes Digital Arts Festival 98


i/o 360: yo



InterFace Magazine


Digital Cult

Stoney Creek Elementary - Art & Technology

E-Pix News Stand

Artist Bazaar


Walkabout Gallery

Art Links

Lounge Gallery of Art, The

Ukiyo-e Digital Art Archive

Center for Digital Art

Rupper Digital Art

Harry Palmer Gallery of Photography and Digital Art

Digital Art and Photo Gallery

Danes, Claire - Digital Art Presentation

PsyberLink's Gallery of Digital Art

Everbeta Digital Art

Page Abramova - Page Abramova specializes in bringing the finest quality Russian Art and Fabrics to the United States. Many of our artists are established and well known in Russia, but have not yet been discovered by the West, offering a unique value. (reciprocal link)

PhotoMurals ( Photos to murals on tiles) can be created from customer photos at We
transform snapshots into murals on Botticino tumbled marble tiles.

Nets Gallery