Statement by Larry Lovett,MSED, Director of 

O'Carney Webmuseum Theater

FORMERLY TITLED (& also world linked as)-

Art museums of cyberart, digital art, & animation offers online museum experience as


 I am Larry Lovett, MSEd, director of the theater and whose digital fine arts animation serves as the inaugural showing of the virtual theater.  

The online theater is dedicated to the presentation of  multimedia emphasizing computer animation as fine art.  If visiting artists would like to be considered for shows of their work here please contact me or . Please format your animation for the standard theater presentation format.

I head a committee who will determine if the work promotes the mission of the theater of contributing to family oriented cyberculture and is compatible with our technical format and limitations. Shows are scheduled in advance and all participation is permanently documented in The Webmuseum Theater Archives.

We are now in the midst of the birth of "electronic ambient art", an extension of "painting" into the world of electronic image-making  technology  for the purpose of expanding the intensity, scope and duration of the space/time of art.  We now paint with moving images on the walls of our neighbor's residential private spaces or their "electronic caves".

Painters take note.  This is our cue.  This new art form will put "fine art" into the video/CD Rom collection of everyday people.  The world loves beautiful art when it is made available.  Just look at the long lines at the big art museums of the world.  Now we artists have a large scale mass distribution system for our fine art.  The Internet is it, it is our delivery!

"Electronic Art" is full color and motion, interactive, with music "ambient art", environmental and electronic imagery. Artists of such vision can now gain instant access to world audiences.  I consider Disney the proto-type of such art.  Fantasia is a kinetic painting, complete with serious music.  It took 100 artists millions of hours.  It too major money.  Now all these barriers of time and money are much smaller through computer technology.  So pull out your electric brushes and paint the walls of our electronic caves!

Painting with motion, color, shape, texture, atmospheric lights and shadow and music is the challenge to which "real artists" are now called to explore and share on the Web.  This is a welcome opportunity to join the Twentieth-First Century and reach new global art audiences via the Internet.  The Internet is to  the fine artist  what the film industry is to actor, what the music industry is to songwriter.

The Webmuseum domain features the Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart.  It is a creative container for the creative contents of Pygoya , a.k.a. Dr. Rodney Chang.  Rod is a world class pioneer in electronic painting.  He is among the first generation of electro-painters to come out of Hawaii.  His work is now in many museums and collections worldwide, including the Shanghai State  Art Museum, the Tartu State Art Museum, the Las Vegas Museum and the Computer Museum in Portland, Oregon.  Over the years it has indeed been a honor and a pleasure to collaborate on creative projects with this inspired and visionary painter!