K o l j a T a t i c: I believe that my pictures speak more about me than the next
few lines, but if somebody is interested in facts about me - here they are: I was born in 1962. With
my family - Vanja and Peter (age five), I live in Jagodina, Yugoslavia, where I practise my trade -
architecture. I returned to the art of painting after 11 years, thanks to a new art tool - the computer.
A long time ago I exhibited mostly black and white photos (five individual and around 150 joint
exhibitions...) Using many technique, I always paint the same idea, the same world, different from
our own; silent, distant and lonely... The world that seems to wait for somebody; that somebody
may be you, who knows? If you sense the atmosphere of going away that only lacks the gentle
whistle of the wind, and if you get the urge to see some other paintings from that world, my hard
work will not have been in wain. And all the sleepless nights spent in front of the computer screen
will have made sense. Which, I admit is a bit elusive and hidden... Thank you for visiting my cities,
and be sure that every feed back information means a great deal to every artist. (Feb 98)