Fifth Annual Hawaiian Computer Art Exhibition

August 5-31, 1993


The Kauai Museum

Hawaii, USA



Printed Catalog Exhibition Introduction

by Dr. Rodney Chang, President/Founder- Hawaii Computer Art Society



Imagine plopping into a jet and beholding all that flying and firepower at your command. One would need the proper skill and experience to harness the available power.

The same situation applies to the user of a power computer graphic system. Only the Real artist can steer a computer to make REAL art. Anything less would be trite imagery or at best mediocre "commercial computer graphics."

The Hawaii Computer Art Society was founded on the back streets of Honolulu, in a fledging avant garde art loft in 1989 (SOHO too Gallery and Loft, Kalihi). Since then the group continues to distinguish efforts in fine arts apart from the every day mass media application of computer graphics that inundate our visual lives.

Kauai Museum has curated an exhibition of selected artists of HCAS. Feature artists are Kauai's own Waihang Lai and Sabina Hudson. Both artists reflect nature's own beauty in a new light. Computers enhance the life long love affair both Bobby Crockett and Elizabeth Zinn have with color. German Expressionism is the apparent linkage of the work of Brigitte Janku, formerly of Munich. Shane Pickerill of Chicago searches for his aesthetic identity within the realm of computer animation. In contrast to the sound and movement of animation, Rodney Chang and Derrick Elfalan capture a silent presence with the works aligned with the past traditions of Western (Chang) and Eastern (Elfalan) painting. David Elfalan and Timothy In "sculpt" new visual space with the 3-dimensional modality of computer graphics.

Nineteen eight five is generally regarded as the date when personal computing evolved sufficiently to serve as a legitimate alternative art tool for the artist. This exhibition serves as a time capsule sampling of local progress during the past decade, helping to establish computer art as the medium that bridges world culture into the new century.