June 4, 2004 
Email to Ingrid Kamerbeek to Pygoya


from Ingrid:

Guess what!!!!... 

Gallery owner of one of NYC's big galleries in Chelsea wants to BECOME A WEBIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Dear Ingrid,


 Could it be that the answer, the question of life for the artist, to be or not to be....is..

perseverance.  Continue the struggle and possibly after such a long search, while improving one's style and expanding the inventory of completed works, until you plug into money and the art system, some call it the 'world.'  Sorry not for all, for life still remains a crap shot, but for the chosen few who persevered in personal financial sacrifice, to be 'discovered.'  Like the American Idol, instant fame and fortune can be bestowed. To those ready, and standing in the right place in time.
Now we HAVE our own NY Gallery.  Ask how much to change their name and I'm willing to pay but prefer to exchange dental services for NYC art world promotion.  Hey, they will make out too, a gallery, in the right space and time, finally grabbing on to the Webists and make their work their financial own and gain.  Smart folks, not just "in" the Big Apple but wired online. They have found the cream of digital art available online, artists who themselves have established formal recognition for their private art donations to world visual cyberculture. Webists provide instant look-for-free art (note: no right clicking!), coming in from any place on the planet. Search for Web based art or merely "Web Art" - or "Webism (Pygoya, published 1997)."
so we move ahead on that art front.  Good job, Colonel Kamerbeek.
Maybe your art's time has come.
and now a possible encounter with big bucks connection in a wired into the California/national? art world by a lost relative just discovered?  She was shocked to find out I, a relative left behind on the island, was also an artist.  Lois said her next dream as an artist is to get into a museum. She also said I have a famous public sculptor 2nd uncle there.  Her "good friend" is returning to CA soon and she will show her my work at lastplace.com.  This person is a patron to the museums, "buying paintings for them."  At last, could this source be my own road to financial success as an artist?  Possibly the startup of a new global fashion/fabric designer line?  But most important, never in my own wildest dreams did I suspect to belong to a gene pool of artists, all working in California (and beyond?).  I am not alone (it's lonely here in Hawaii as no relative even talks or looks at art- all too busy earning a living I guess). But now the realization that there a history of artists in my family tree!
There is a living limb of which I possibly am linked to, a plank to walk across and join my art clan. Having done my job, the development of a mature body of works with published documentation, and the creator of an 'ism as context for my work and others, anywhere on the planet (as long as they can afford online visibility), might now to be introduced into the marketplace by the influential, patronizing, good salmaritans, and the hopefuls for world harmony.

People also with vision.