30 March 13-18, 1998

In LV hotel room, 5 hour flight back to HI, and back in Honolulu - planning , concepts, reading all materials from LVAM, outlining, flow charts, sorting images, planning links, promotions plan for Internet directories and organizations


10 Marcg 16-19

Setting html code of pages, building intial pages' design, review, edit site online


4 March 20-April 1

Scanning images, adusting sizes and color of images


5 March 30 - April 1

Building, layout, resizing, text of Essie Pinsker pages


4 March 30 - April 2

Typing by hand essays, check links, no requested floppy disks from LVAM as of yet - had to fill online empty pages to preserve public image


2 March 20 & Marech 21

Submitting work of LVAM homepage to Internet Search Engines and directories


4 March 17 - April 1

Drafting, rewrites, conceptualizing communications by fax and telephone with Dr. Mann


2 April 2

Creating custom background textures for main pages


4 April 3

More search engine submitting , editing fonts, backgrounds, uploading added more links, review site and corrections


2 April 4

Artist-in-CyberResidency - pages setup, linking, writing text


2 April 5

More Search Engines Submitting - now around 500 engines and directories covered


2 April 6

Add metatags for robot engines


2 March 19 - April 6 -

time uploading to server including FTP manual work


1.5 April 4

Sound, Artist-in-CyberResidence portfolio work, FTP metatag work, online review and editing and reuploads


1.5 April 5

Current and Archived Exhibition pages worked on


2 April 6

"Black Box" lst draft proposal for LVAM/R2001 and letter, layout, contacting Web artists for feedback


1 April 6

Teleconference with Dr. Mann


2 April 7

Sturman pages, scanning catalog, text, layout, uploading to server, review and editing


2 April 8

LVAM proposal preparation and faxing; email inquiry as to artists who may participate in Web event with LVAM (letters to 5 different artists)


1 April 9

Emailing, communications with artists on proposal document feedback and advise (LadyHawk, Herring, McGreggor, B Russell, U. Kersting, Nancy Wood)


1.5 April 10

Foreign Search Engine and Directories submittance, now including China, Japan, Australia, Russia and Europe


1 April 11

Cyberartist-in-CyberResidency - completion and installing of lst work of art in resident's section


2 April 12

New LVAM customized titles with special graphic software programs, installation, uplaoding to server


2 April 13

Writing Proposal for School of Art for LVAM and with patron's (Joan Haller) interests; more Artist-in-CyberResidence work/content- edition of previous interesting cutting edge Web art done/linking


2 April 14

Public Relations work and planning with/for J. Braithwaite Haller and for Art Institute of Houston to participate in LVAM art event


1 April 15

Two long distance 1/2 hour teleconferencing with Joan Haller


3 April 15

New drafted proposal for School of Art, Scholarship, Braithwaite Web Gallery at LVAM per Joan Haller's request for further detail and revisions to lst draft


3 April 16

Letter written and sent to R2001 - invitation to collaborate; more work with patron Haller about school and endowment for LVAM



2 April 17

Editing proposal after further communications with Haller


1 April 18

Printout, email to Joan, review her comments and suggestion for further change


2 April 19

More communication by email with Haller about LVAM scholarship, school, lack of response by LVAM per her request to schedule trip, call and ask about her father's collection, etc.



45min. April 21

Discussion about situation with Vivian Woods, request for help in communication with LVAM management, severity of situation of collaboration with R2001 and lost of opportunity against New York for my proposal now in New York institutions' hands



2 April 22

Removal of all LVAM pages from site until new information and adequate intra-assisting can be attained