Invitation to Disco Doc's 60th Birthday party - 2005

(some email comments below)

dancing to the 70s at 60



We slipped away last night around 7:45, but it was a very enjoyable party. I loved the music, the food was good and you are still quite the dancer!! Thank you so much. I haven't been in a nightclub in YEARS. Maybe I've never been in one, come to think of it. I have two left feet and spent my entire youth being a complete and total un-well-rounded geek.
Erlinda is a beautiful woman and you two looked good together on the dance floor!
Much aloha,



 Hi!   Hey, it was a great party!  Lot of memories and great to see a lot
of old friends.  We had a wonderful time! 
Thanks again, hope all goes well. 

Tim & Eve :)!!



 Hi uncle rod!!!

Just wanted to tell you that I had an AWESOME time at your party!!!! And so did the rest of the family!!!

It was soo good to see the WHOLE family and everyone was sooooo happy!!! Glad that everyone enjoyed dancing!  My mom says you’re on the VIP list now to rumors!!! Fun!  Did you know that my mom stayed longer at rumors and juli guys went back and danced some more? Fun yeah???


Have a great day! Hope you had a blast at your party too! I sent you something in the mail… J




I made  a slide show on shutterfly of your party to share with the family, esp. the ones who couldn’t be there..


I think you should keep up your dancing. You love it soooooooooo much! And I can tell how happy you are dancing. Maybe now that you are VIP, erlinda, my mom and uncle clay will go with you!!! Fun!


Your marathon is coming up!!! So fast!!!! Be careful ok?!!  Good luck!

Ps. Did you see the video clips I took of you dancing on the disk?

Oh. It’ll be in your mailbox. Sent it out the day after your party. Was so excited to send it to ya!


Hawaiian Moon



Thanks for sharing your b-day with LI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very glad for YOU.   What a feeling it must have been to "own" Rumours!
And nice your buddies came and brought that famous lady with them.
And who else has somebody as sweet and caring as LI on the other half of world celebrating along-:)
So great you'll send me the video later. Will be a feast to view the famous brainy, beautiful Chang family and all their guests.
You are truly blessed.



Hey Brother Rod!

WOW!  What a party it was in your honor on your BIG BIRTHDAY NITE!  :) Everyone had a ball, huh?  You were a great host who sure definitely 'still had the moves' as the internationally reknown 'DISCO DOC'!  :)  WOHO!  Looooooooookout!  Keep it going, brother Rod! 

Thanks for the many many memories, bro.  You're daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BOMB!  And, will be for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time to come!  :)

Brother Clay

p.s.-BIG ten miles for you today, huh?  You'll be ready for a good run next month culminating your goal of FIVE marathons this year!  TRULY AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! :)
Very proud of you, bro! 


Hi Ohana,

Hope that you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving 2005 as much as the 3CCs did!  It was a forever to be cherished and remembered Thanksgiving for us.  My HUGE son, Clint and his girlfriend, Jee, surely surprised me majorly!  HAHAHAHAHA!  And, then, my daughter, Chantel, surprised me big time when i realized that she, too,  would be joining in the BIG celebration for Uncle Rod at Rumours on November 26th!  What a week we had!  :)

Just had to share this with you my dear ohana.......soooooooooo cute and truthful!  Take good care and May God bless you all always.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  Sure is AWESOME stuff that you sent me!  I guess that you/we were blessed with great 'genes', huh?  To be able to do what you are about to do this coming Sunday on December 11th, has got to do ALOOOOOT with wonderful genetics, bro!  WOHO!  Not to mention, your amazing determination and guts setting up a 5 marathon goal for the year for yourself to celebrate your 60th birthday! 

That photo of you and Yvonne Elliman is a real keeper!  You look AWESOME for 'any' age, bro!  I really mean it....i am not saying it just because i am your brother either, ok?  Looooookout!  I would believe if if someone told me that you were celebrating your 40th bday!  WOHO!  :)  You're looooooooking as handsome, suave and debonair as ever! You have discovered the 'fountain of youth', bro!  Keep it drinking from it..............:)

Much aloha always,
Clay aka Ikaika


happy 60th birthday uncle rod!!!
that was an awesome party!!!! everyone had so much fun! 

Miche and Mats


Aloha Rodney Pygoya
   We had fun at your B-day and Terri and I were very pleased that Yvonne answered our requests to make an appearance .....and then went beyond. Allen and Yvonne are really stellar folks....
   I think you have missed your true calling as a PR ..Artist management guy...  You could promote anything it seems and with a lot of pizzaz, grace and beauty... . What a show!
  I should be seeing the Disco Diva soon... so I'll be sure to thank her and ask if she's in the market for some of your art ..


 Love and blessings


Great Birthday party, Rod!

Love, Baba & Belle



We had a great time at your big birthday disco party!  Thanks for inviting us.  I'm glad we were able to make it all the way from Los Angeles.  It was a memorable event.  Nice to see family and friends having so much fun.  Keep up the magnificent work!

Love, Allan & Alice


What a party!  Your dancing is not disco anymore, it is modern dance - so graceful and smooth movements.

- Susan Brooks



We enjoyed your party at Rumors.  you have a wonderful family and many many good friends.
Count your blessings, because you have many of them.  Children, career, marriage, land, a home,
money, health, friends... to name a few.




Rodney!  Happy Birthday from Yvonne & Allen.  Enjoy life! Keep it simple!!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Disco Doc!  Sammy & Soledad Aquino


Happy Birthday to Da Disco Doc!  May you have many more.


Hey Doc!  Lots of love, health, & wealth!



Wowobunga Rodney:  Tootside & John


We're glad to celebrate with you this special occasion ! Much Aloha,

Uncle Jake and Aunty Wini


Wow!  What a lavish event!  Happy 60th!  Thank you for including us tonight!

-The Yamamuras


Happy Birthday young man!

-Jade & Bruce


How do you stay so young-looking?  Keep up the good work.  You've obviously found the "fountain of youth."  Share! :=)

Love always, Verna


Happy Birthday Dr. Chang. Have a good one!!  We love you-

Uncle Timmy & Aunty Kammy


Rodney,  you really know how to throw a party.  Happy 60th!

Love, Derek & Deb

- M&Ms aka Floyd McCoy 


Your birthday party was fantastic! It was great.  And you seem so thrilled  and looked so happy about your birthday party.  Tomorrow's the Honolulu Marathon and it makes me think about you, Clatyon, and your Dad.  What memories we have!

Auntie Gladys (Dec. 11th)



Erlinda and Rochelle



sister Syliva and the birthday boy



Disco Doc & Erlinda



Rochelle the ballerina, Houston the surfer (Bronson the football player at a high school playoff game), Erlinda & Disco Doc




First Dance - "The Greatest Dancer" - Disco Doc & Erlinda



"The Last Dance"




Good food! - "We Are Family"




Rochelle the ballerina



The good looking  Loos




"Bad Girls"




Proud Dad of Doe Fang Co. with brainy USC Chantelle on USC Marathon Club



Rochelle chats with Uncle Jake and Aunt Wini




Nephew Allan Ing and fiancee Alice, Disco Doc and Yvonne Elliman at
Rumours Dance Club in Waikiki, Hawaii, November 26, 2005

-fullfilling Disco Doc's dream of meeting the other famous disco figure in Hawaii of Disco Mania's Golden Age



Preparations with Rumours manager


Aloha Erlinda,

Attached is your Function Order please look over, note any errors, sign and
fax back to me. Unfortunately we cannot allow any chalk or resine to be put
on the dance floor. Please let me know if ou have any other questions or
concerns. Good luck with your table decorations!

Warmest regards,

Yes, the light s can be turned up and the slide show can project during the
buffet. We can just let the Dj know the exact timeline when you arrive. He
is very lexible and great. Could you please fax back the Function Order
signed so I can distribute to the appropriate departments by the end of
today. Thank you. My fax number is 944-6837.