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Here how to order Inventnet Patent Search Services

Step #1 Download the following forms:

1. Record of Invention all 3 pages  - Page 1Page 2Page 3
Or download all pages in one MS Word (doc) file here.

2. Patent Search International Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Use.
These forms can also be mailed to you by sending a request to

Step #2 Complete all forms and mail them together with a check or money order in the amount of Two Hundred Forty Dollars ($240.00) to:

Patent Search International
PO Box 176
Crownsville, MD 21032
Phone: (410) 987-4511
Fax: (410) 923-2274

Step #3 To take advantage of our $240 discounted price please send an email message at indicating that you order patent search services from PSI.   Please include your name and email address.


Prototype Work for Inventors -

We provide prototype through production machining, cad drawings, and animations.
We offer free cad drawings with every significant machining order.
For more information visit our website at 
or call us for a free quote.

phone 610-345-0860 
fax 610-345-0879


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A number of government agencies and private organizations offer publications and assistance to independent inventors. You can call the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at (703) 557-4636 and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) at 1-(800)-827-5722 for publications about inventions.

You also may want to call your SBA district office to learn about services available through the Small Business Development Centers program.

Inventor's clubs, associations, and innovation centers also can be valuable sources of information and services. For their locations contact the following organizations:

United Inventors Association of the United States of America (UIA-USA) PO Box 23447, Rochester, NY 14692, Phone: (716) 359-9310, Email: (stamped, self-addressed envelope required)

National Congress of Inventor Organizations (NCIO)
P.O. Box 93669, Los Angeles, CA 90093-6690, phone (213) 878-6925.

Minnesota Inventors Congress P.O. Box 71 Redwood Falls, Minnesota 56283-0071 (507) 637-2344