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a.k.a. Dr. Rodney Chang


Our Charge and Challenge of  Nurturing the Gifted and Talented:
No GT Child Left Behind"
January 27, 2005
Windward Community College, Hale Akoakoa, Hawaii  


East Honolulu School Product

    1. Aina Haina Elementary School
    2. Niu Valley Intermediate School
    3. Kalani High School, class of '63
    4. University of Hawaii, '68 -zoology/pre-dental


Followed by



Ending up artist/dentist/art psychology writer

    Lots of shows
           * museums
           * online since 1997 till present


    Lots of writing documenting my research inquires, postulates about   art and life,

                   * example, "The Psychology of Art"
                            * including documenting digital art movement worldwide   

                   * currently writing "blogs" online


    Lots of creative projects that made life enriching & daring:

                     * milkcaps, phonecards, books

                    * famous one - "Da Waiting Room"
                    * popular site - "virtual web art museum"
                    * new global art 'ism' - Webism - and the Webists


About Webism in Hungarian, Budapest Arts Festival 2004


                      * a house as a museum for "Cyberpaintings" in Hawaii Kai
                    * making history abroad, such as in China, 1988, India

   * inventing a new art style and work process
                    * even US postal stamps


                         * upcoming - online Memorial site

                         * truly 3D interactive online museum

      Lots of Media coverage & celebrity experiences
                    * NBC TV Real People Show, 1979 (reruns '80, '81)
                    * Pygoya European Art Tour with the Webists, 2003
                    * List of articles, publications
                    * Latest - Hawaii dentist's journal, 2004



                    * Susan Kusunoki called - she needed a case study

                          - my own identity of the "Gifted Black Sheep" gifted type
                    * Opportunity to be introspective about my life, my early student years, how I came to be, where I'm at now at 59, and what's up next, doc?

                    * a bio summary online for all to see (updated since '97)
                    * my life in a nutshell (2004)



Real Life Case study continues on- 



New Oregon residence of the future?


    - by the way, is Natalie Hee here? (former teacher of Bronson and Houston in their 4th grades)


Bronson reviewing colleges now; 3 to put through mainland universities= dental retirement at 70's; late start in life

Brings up question - plan a move to be completed in few years to dedicate that "last quarter" of life to full time art?



* Want a museum? Where is it affordable?


Offer open now on building with 8,600 sq ft. on Main Street in Oregon
for planned world's 1st "Internet Art Museum" including featured Pygoya Gallery



* Think it out carefully

* Plan a transition to lower cost of living area- residence first as rental, Oregon dental license,   collaboration with local officials and government

* Potential income alternative - large print editions;
   tour state dental convention as product exhibitor;
   real estate and stock investment; gift shop in the museum;
   mail order catalog disguised as coffee table art history book of my      best works; book on history of digital art and Webism

* Think of family interest long term - farm, building 2nd floor with stage (ballet), property historic or not, sell the dental practice, Kahala residence (sell?)


 * and of course, continue to make art and publish it online as well as "contribute such digital originals to the Internet's cyberculture"  So, support an artist and invest in Webism and become a collector too!



Special Questions & Replies for Susan Kusunoki


 print form