SOHO too Gallery & Loft Press Release


2026 Stanley Street

Warehouse No. 3

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96819

(808) 841-6767





Hawaii is the most distant American soil from New York City's Soho district, a post-industrial area that became a part of the modern art world. Like many other regions with bountiful natural beauty, the popular artistic expression from Hawaii's art community is traditional realistic renditions mirroring the landscape and sea. Add to this the remoteness of being situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it is no wonder that the prevalent national notion that no serious art exists here seems plausible enough.

However enven in this geographically isolated area there does exist abundant local talent committed to creating relevant and innovative contemporary artistic statements that reflect concerned involvment with current global conflicts and aesthetic problems.

To counteract stereotypical attitudes about the state of art in this island location and thereby support local avante garde artists' hopes of being "discoverd," both by their community and the world at-large, Dr. Rodney Chang is establishing SOHO too GALLERY & LOFT. The gallery, located in Honolulu's inner and industrial district of Kalihi, will exclusively exhibit and promote innovative art work, not presently (or ever before) a popular commodity in the local art market. However, through his dedication and perserverence to the crusade of exposing the public to the positive experience of encountering new art, Dr. Chang hopes to establish a center where experimental works can be consistently found. Along with the successful elevation of local aesthetic awareness, Dr. Chang plans to cross the oceanic barrier and introduce the mainland United States and Asia to the "New Hawaiian Art" movement. It is difficult not to be affected by his enthusiasm and optimism to develop Honolulu's potential of becoming a major art center that bridges East and West in today's shrinking world.

Dr. Rodney Chang is the director of the gallery. He holds nine college degrees, two of which are doctorate degrees in Art and Dentistry. SOHO too is the latest expression of his dedication to the visual arts. His past creative accomplishments include "Da Waiting Room," a discotheque-dental office environment only a block and a half from the gallery. Dr. Chang's current art is a unique blend of psychology, humor, and unconventional mixtures of art materials and found objects.






2001 notes: "Found object" for Rodney Chang in 1985: the personal computer. Soho Too Gallery closed in 1989 because of poor sales and inadequate local media support. Idealistic goals for the gallery are now successful to Dr. Chang through the Internet's Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at - well received and catalyst to change in culture as validated by a 800+ average daily visitation globally for the Web virtual museum. The press release was written in 1985 - a few months before Chang discovered the computer. Since then, other than promoting alternative art of mixed media origin, the artist completely devoted his own efforts (1985-present) to creating an established computer fine art as distinguished from commercial computer graphics. The Internet enabled Chang to metamorph into the virtual resident Pygoya with world visibility and interactivity with artists and public; his "computer art" transcended to "cyberart" - defined as digital art created solely for an online audience to foster a sense of global cyberculture. As such, prints are "reproductions" of the original electronic imagery/art experienced on the Internet.