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08/09/2004: "Creating Meaningful Communities"

If the Internet has done anything, it has freed creativity from the shackles of compartmentalisation. Before Internet, artists needed a mediator, a publisher, a gallery, a other words, a middleman to bring their
work to the world. Artists were subject to approval, to fashion, to the impramata of the dollar. Now, for the first time in history, artists can disseminate their work without the need for a middle man; writers can publish without waiting for official approval or rejection. And what is even more amazing about the age in which we live, artists can find affirmation, connection, their place in the world together with other artists.

We are not condemned to feel out of place in our school, workplace, home...we can link hands with like-minded people from all over the
globe and create a meaningful community such as Webism. And through Webism,
artists and their art gain strength, status and connectivity. I never look back. Internet technologies are the best thing that ever happened to Art.

Nita Tiffaha Jawary was born in Melbourne, Australia to migrant parents. Throughout her professional life she has worked in the field of communication. A past academic, Nita gave up teaching to pursue a life of writing and art. "Everyone has something to offer the world we live in. Everyone has a place," says Nita. "My aim is to leave this world a little better for the privilege of having been in it. Art can say a lot; art can make a difference." Visit her website at

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on Tuesday, August 10th, Pygoya said

Imagine living on a rock in the middle of the ocean where the only way to survive as an artist is to make stuff for tourists. Contemplating major art centers like Manhattan, I felt like I was serving a life sentence without parole on Alcatraz. I still live in Hawaii but in 1997, with the launch of, my art was freed to fly abroad like a seagull. A sense of artistic confinement has ended, so I am now content to physically roost in "paradise." I am proud to play my small part, as the founder of Webism, in assisting other creative souls liberate their vision from isolation by entering into the communal light of global aesthetic enlightenment.

on Tuesday, August 10th, Vijaybhai said

Nita has expressed so well what I as webism group member and an artists on internet web-space feel. I am a newcomer digital artist from India not known much. In one hosted free placement of just 8 of my digital works received as many 2800 viewings in one year! Only on internet can a digital artist get such exposurre?
I have my website now and I have 12 galleries with my my digital art work on display permanently. I am getting visitors from all over the world. This is the magic of cyber space.

on Monday, August 9th, Mariano Petit said

Yes, it is amazing how art can be appreciated through the web. I just created my own digital art museum and the feedback has been incredible, artists are willing to participate and show their talent to the rest of the world. Personally, this web site for artists has been one of the best experiences in my life and I feel I'm doing something to promote human expression.bye bye "middle man".

on Monday, August 9th, Jorge Gurmandí said

I´ve spent my life waiting for the moment of something like internet. Now that it exists and I have it in my computer my works are in the world and are included in exhibitions, and I get information from other artists because as you say "art can say a lot" and it's wonderful when you don't have to wait for the "middle man" to aprove that.

Pygoya, August 10, 2004, for-