Football State Championship

Bronson Chang,  April 17, 2006


Our cleats click on the cement:
A sharp underlying rhythm
beneath the distant roar
quieted in this dark tunnel.


Besides me
My brothers
Bounce empowered
Focused, not thinking
Gladiators just before battle.

You ready?
We ready!

You ready?
We ready!

To the light
The roar crescendos
Louder, Louder, Louder
Thousands of voices
Mixed, incomprehensible
Ricochet, reverberate
in my helmet.

Not running, I fly
between sheets of white and red
Wrapped in sound and light
I fly
in a moment of eternity.

Free without a mind
Not in the past
Nor the future
Now, I fly.



Note: Kahuku High School supporters all wore red while Punahou Academy wore white. Both schools are on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii.